How to Use White Lightning

What is White Lightning?

White Lightning is step number one! Use White Lightning first to clean projects prior to painting.

White Lightning will de-grease and remove all debris from your furniture, kitchen cabinets or whatever you want to paint. It will prep your piece and help you achieve the best outcome for your painted masterpiece.

Check out this quick tutorial video!

Here’s a step by step of White Lightning!

Step 1:

Using gloves, mix 2 tablespoons of White Lightning with one gallon of hot water until dissolved.

Step 2:

Dip a lint free, clean cloth in White Lightning, squeeze excess, and wipe down your piece.

Step 3:

To get rid of the residue, wipe down again with a new clean cloth and clean water.

Step 4:

Your piece is now clean of grime, grease, and dirt!

Please Note:

White Lightning is not to be used as a common household cleaner or on metal.

Customer Reviews:

“Where as this been all my life? Amazing product. I would have never thought furniture would be so dirty until I started using this. I love that it last for a long time!” – Brittany P.

“I recently did a demo cleaning away dirt from an item stored in the barn. Not only did White Lightning loosen that dirt, it continued to clean as I rinsed with clean water. Amazing cleaner without an obnoxious odor.” – Cheryl C.

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  1. Pam says:

    What can be used as a substitute for you white lightening cleaner you supplier is out of stock

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Pam,
      You can also clean with our Scrubby Soap- Heres the link:
      I hope this helped! Please feel free to reach out with any other questions you may have!

  2. Lori Lehman says:

    I’m considering refinishing my dining table. Can I use your white lightening to clean it and then use the howdy do hemp to finish/seal it? Do I need to sand it ? Thanks!

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Lori! Yes, you can! There is no need to sand. ?

  3. Catriona says:

    Hey!! Can you use white lightening after sanding or any other prep work?
    Thanks ☺️

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Catriona! Yes, you can use White Lightning after sanding. ?

  4. Marie says:

    Hi there, love your products. I think my project has a wax coat which is over the plain pine. After cleaning with White lightning can I go straight on with the chalk paint or is there another step? Thank you ?

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Marie! We’d recommend thoroughly cleaning and give your project a light scuff sand prior to painting. ?

  5. Dorie Lopez says:

    How long after cleaning with white lightening should i wait before painting

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Dorie! Make sure you rinse off the White Lightning and thoroughly wipe it dry. You want to make sure your piece is fully dry before painting. ?

  6. Ren says:

    Can I use White Lightning before painting with Dixie Belle Silk paint?

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Ren! Absolutely! It’s always important to thoroughly clean the piece before painting πŸ™‚

  7. Tina Burgess says:

    Can I use White Lightning on upholstery fabric to clean before painting? And what would be the best sealer after painting with Dixie Belle to give it the softest supple feel?

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Tina! There is no need to clean upholstery with White Lightning. We recommend sealing with Easy Peasy Spray Wax. Here’s a video tutorial on painting fabric! πŸ™‚

  8. Dar says:

    Hi, after using White Lightning, do I need to prime the entire piece with some kind of primer or can I go directly to painting it?

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Dar! If you are painting a slick surface, we suggest priming with Slick Stick to give the paint something to grip to. If you are painting wood that may bleed, we suggest priming with BOSS. Otherwise, there is no need to prime and you can paint the surface without priming. πŸ™‚

  9. Kathleen says:

    I want to do a deep clean/degreae of my kitchen cabinets. Could I use
    white Lighting and then Easy Peasy Spray wax?

  10. chelsea says:

    Hi! I am planning on painting a piece of furniture that was already refinished by someone else. I have white lightning and boss and my color and top coat already. Can i do this piece by simply starting with white lightning or just paint right over? The top of the piece has a coat of polyurethane on it. I am wanting the simplest way as i am crunched for time and pregnant and i need this piece done asap. It is a dresser I’m transforming into my coffee bar. Thanks!

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