So, you’ve just got your new Dixie Belle Paint products and you’re wondering how to get started on your project. We’ve got you covered!

Let’s Get Started! Step One:

White Lightning

Use this first to clean your projects prior to painting.

White Lightning will de-grease and remove all debris from your furniture, kitchen cabinets or whatever you want to paint. It will prep your piece and help you achieve the best outcome for your painted masterpiece.

For in-depth instructions, read this!

How to Get Started with Dixie Belle Paint

Assess the need for BOSS or Slick Stick.

Slick Stick

This product allows you to paint shiny, slick, or slippery surfaces with ease! Surfaces like PVC, glass, Formica, laminate, metal, and more are easily painted and stay painted. This product will easily allow the paint to adhere to the surface!

For an in-depth tutorial, readย this!


Blocks Odors, Stains, Stops Bleed thru!

It contains odor eliminating and stain blocking technology for exceptional coverage.ย BOSS prevents bleed thru of wood tannins and varnishes, allowing you to transform any piece to a crisp, light color with ease. This product will completely mask odors on old furniture that may have been exposed to smoke, pets, or other circumstances that contribute to odors.

For an in-depth tutorial, read this!

How to Get Started with Dixie Belle Paint

Time to Paint! Step Two:

Painting with Dixie Belle Paint will be the easiest and most enjoyable painting you will ever do. Choose from 64 amazing colors!

Be sure to start with a damp brush.

Once you’ve dipped your brush in the jar, remove the excess and apply evenly to your project.

Dixie Belle Paint goes a long way!

Get your desired consistency by leaving the lid off to allow the paint to thicken up or add water to thin it out.

Most pieces will take one to two coats for full coverage.

Dixie Belle Paint is self-leveling, so brushstrokes will melt away!

Want more? Optional Products:

Add a little shimmer with glaze. Watch this video to learn how!

Do you want to wet or dry distress your project? Read this for tips and tricks.

Learn how to add a little depth with wax.

Seal and protect for lasting durability with Clear Coat.

Add a durable, water repellent finish with Gator Hide.

Happy Painting!


How to Get Started with Dixie Belle Paint

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