How to Wet and Dry Distress

Distressing Dixie Belle Paint is a great way to give your furniture a weathered and decorative look. Wet and Dry distressing methods both can produce an aged, vintage appearance.

The first step is to decide what color to paint the entire piece. With 64 colors to choose from, choosing just one is the hardest part! Luckily, you don’t have to! You can definitely distress with two, three,or more colors.

Step One

Choose two colors if you would like and distress them together for a unique look.

Step Two

The next step is to complete a second coat of Dixie Belle Paint in the initial color or this time you may choose a different color. Choosing a different color will allow the first color to peek through underneath.

Step Three

Now you can choose to wet distress with water or allow the piece to dry and distress by sanding.

Wet Distress How To

You may choose to wet distress if you are trying to preserve woodwork or to achieve a more chippy distressed look. To wet distress, use a lint free, damp cloth and begin to rub on areas you want to distress. Make sure to wet distress within six hours or you will need to really saturate the piece to achieve results.

Start gently and apply more pressure for a bolder look. You may choose to lightly sand for a buttery smooth finish.  You may choose this technique if you want to expose the wood grain as well. To finish your piece off, try Best Dang Wax, Clear Coat or Gator Hide.

Dry Distress How To

For dry distressing, you would want to wait until the piece is dry and then begin to sand for an even, well blended final product. Focus on the edges and corners of the furniture. Like wet distressing you can apply more pressure to take away more paint and expose the wood underneath. You can also use a sander but be prepared for the dust it will create. To finish it off, you can try Clear Coat or Gator Hide. All done!

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