Ahoy, creative adventurers and teal enthusiasts! Get ready to ride the waves of creativity and make a splash this Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. This November, let’s embark on a colorful journey that’s all about raising awareness and making a difference with the help of Dixie Belle Paints. Picture this: vibrant hues like “Harbor,” “Lani’s Lagoon,” “Oasis,” “Mermaid Tail,” and “Pure Ocean” transforming your projects into vibrant expressions of support and empathy. To make a positive impact on our community, Dixie Belle Paint presents Paint a Pot for Peace to support the Cure Alzheimers Fund. We will donate $1 to the Cure Alzheimers Fund for every photo of a pot posted on Dixie Belle’s pinned Facebook post. Let’s set our sail, get to painting, and give back to causes that matter!



The “Harbor” Revival: Side Table Under the Sea

The first stop on our voyage is in the “Harbor“. Do you have a tired old side table that’s in need of a refresh? No worries, we’ve got the treasure – “Harbor” All-in-One Silk Paint! As you brush on this cool and calming shade, imagine your side table turning into a piece straight from the depths of the sea. A sprinkle of creativity, and voila – your once-bland table is now a vibrant reminder of Alzheimer’s support and understanding.

Dixie Belle Silk Paint in Harbor


“Lani’s Lagoon” Voyage: Picture Frame Bliss

Ahoy, ocean explorers! Imagine transforming that old picture frame into an aquatic masterpiece using the captivating Terra Clay Paint in the deep dues of “Lani’s Lagoon.” Dive into painting with the enthusiasm of a curious seafarer. Visualize this frame holding a cherished photo, reminding everyone that Alzheimer’s care is all about understanding and compassion. With each stroke of the brush, you’re creating art that speaks to the heart.


Lani's Lagoon Terra Clay Paint


“Pure Ocean” Renewal: Chair by the Seashore

Revamp an old chair with the refreshing “Pure Ocean.” First, you’re going to sand it, paint it, and watch it transform into a seat that embodies the endurance and hope of those facing Alzheimer’s. Imagine this chair placed where everyone can see it, a reminder to celebrate the moments spent with loved ones and spread awareness like seashells on the shore. Your chair is more than just a place to sit; it’s a conversation starter and a symbol of unity.


Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint in Pure Ocean


“Mermaid Tail” Dive: Deep Sea Flower Pot

Calling all treasure seekers! Create a flower pot that shines with the radiance of “Mermaid Tail“. This is a shade that echoes the depth of emotions in Alzheimer’s support. With each brushstroke, imagine you’re diving into the teal ocean of awareness. With hooks or wires attached, this jewelry holder is a functional masterpiece, honoring the cause with every plant it may hold. Once your pot has dried, snap a photo and post it!


Mermaid Tail Chalk Mineral Paint


“Oasis” Escape: Memory Box of Memories

Ahoy, dream weavers! Craft a magical memory box using the enchanting “Oasis.” This color symbolizes a sanctuary of memories, just like the ones shared with loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s. As you layer on “Oasis,” envision this box becoming a vessel for preserving treasured moments – a tangible tribute to the power of memories. It’s not just a box; it’s a vessel of love and remembrance. To support Paint a Pot for Peace, gift your painted pot to an elderly loved one or member of the community affected by the terrible disease.


Dixie Belle Silk All-in-One Paint in Oasis


Now that Alzheimer’s Awareness Month approaches, let your imagination flow! Nevertheless, with Dixie Belle Paint, you’re creating more than just crafts. This creates an opportunity to craft conversations and support. Whether it’s a picture frame, memory box, or painted pot – carries a message that’s as powerful as the teal sea itself.

Furthermore, as an added incentive to join this creative movement, we will be giving back. For each photo of a painted pot that is posted to Dixie Belle’s Facebook page during November, we will donate $1 to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. Therefore, your art not only spreads awareness but contributes to a worthy cause.

So, anchor your creativity, dive into the world of awareness, and let your art make a splash. Now, let’s create with purpose, and spread the message of Alzheimer’s support through the colors of Dixie Belle Paint. Together, we can make a difference, one brushstroke at a time.


Dixie Belle Paint Pinterest Image


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