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Kitchen Cabinets Painted with Dixie Belle Paint

Kitchen Cabinets Painted with Dixie Belle Paint

We love updating kitchen cabinets with Dixie Belle Paint!

Step One: Clean your cabinets with White Lightning.

Step Two: Use Slick Stick if the cabinets have a slick surface or BOSS if you’re concerned about bleed thru.

Step Three: Wet your brush and remove the excess water with a paper towel. It is important to keep your brush damp. Paint two light coats. To achieve a similar look to these cabinets, use Sand Bar, Grunge Glaze, and Gator Hide.

Step Four: Allow your cabinets to dry before applying Gator Hide for a water repellent finish. You can apply three thin coats. Please remember our products take 21-30 days to completely cure so handle with care! For more information on these cabinets by Pam Haskins, click here!

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