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How to Paint Cabinets

How to Paint Cabinets

It is easy peasy to change up your home decor with Dixie Belle Paint. You can paint your cabinets, counters, floors, ceilings, and any furniture!

First, you will want to remove the hardware and wash the surface with White Lightning. Next, use Slick Stick for the paint to adhere to the surface.

Then, begin with a damp paint brush and apply your first coat of Dixie Belle Paint. Continue to keep your brush damp throughout the project, but not dripping wet. By the time your first coat is finished, you can start on your second coat.

This took just one 8 ounce container of Dixie Belle Paint in the color Vintage Duck Egg.

To seal these cabinets take a blue sponge and evenly apply three thin coats of Gator Hide.

Admire the beauty! These will be cured in 21-30 days.

Easy peasy way to add some color to your space!

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