Update Cabinets with Drop Cloth

Halley Palmer Briggs used Drop Cloth, Grunge Glaze and Gator Hide to achieve this look!

halley palmer briggs used drop cloth and

These cabinets are simply beautiful! To get this look you only need a couple Dixie Belle Paint Products.

halley palmer briggs used drop cloth and

Refacing cabinets can cost upwards of 3,000 dollars. Save money and do it yourself! Dixie Belle Paint is formulated with the DIYer in mind. Let the paint do the work!

The first step is to clean the cabinets with White Lightning.

The second step is to paint the cabinets with 2 coats in Drop Cloth.

halley palmer briggs used drop cloth and

The third step is to use Grunge Glaze to add depth and dimension.

The final step is to seal with Gator Hide!

Update Cabinets with Drop Cloth

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  1. Beverly says:

    I love your work. I can’t do blending and lots of layers anymore, but the Dropcloth cabinets are right on. I now have an apprentice so can’t wait to show her your work. Thank you.

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Beverly, thanks for the love! We’re so happy Brandy’s blended masterpieces will help you create your own! Check out our Facebook page with helpful tutorial videos: https://www.facebook.com/DixieBellePaint 🙂

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