Hey readers Do from Do Dodson Designs! I want to teach you how to Dress Up Your Kitchen by adding some Dixie Belle Stencils to your kitchen towels, the easiest way to customize flour sack dish towels.

Tea Towel Floral Design Stencil

Material List:

Step 1: Prep the towels

The first step is the most important, prep is always key to any project. Be sure to launder your towels first to remove any chemicals that may have been used on the fabric. You’ll also need to give them a quick press with the steam iron. This will make stenciling the fabric easier. To protect the surface you’ll be working on (kitchen countertop, etc.), you will need to lay a barrier between the flour sack dish towels and your surface. Gather your supplies. I’m using a Foam Brush to apply the paint over the stencil for this DIY flour sack dish towel project.

Here are the supplies needed to stencil on fabric.

Step 2: Time for paint!

Lay the stencil directly over the fabric, and be mindful of the placement of your stencil. The design should be visible when you hang or fold your flour sack dish towels. Secure the stencil with painter’s tape to the fabric to prevent slipping. Apply the Chalk Mineral Paint over the stencil with a foam brush using a dabbing up and down motion. Remember to dab and not brush the paint over the stencil.

Apply the paint over the stencil using a foam brush.

This foam brush worked beautifully with the application of the Chalk Mineral Paint, and I was able to blend some of the colors I chose over the stencil for a hand-painted look on the towels.

Tea Towel Floral Design Stencil - Flour Sack Dish Towels

The next three towels I made with this design were perfect! Note to self: Use more paint. I used Cobalt Blue Chalk Mineral Paint with this fun Fairies Stencil. Oh my, is it cute? This stencil design may be my favorite of all three I used.

Fairies Design Stencil

This project took me a few minutes to add a beautiful stenciled design to something I use every day.

The Easy Way To Customize Flour Sack Dish Towels In Minutes

If you need a quick gift idea, this is a great way to add your special touches, and who doesn’t love a homemade gift? Can you ever have too many dish towels?

Thanks for joining me here on my blog, and I hope you have enjoyed this fun tutorial read more about these towels on Do Dodson Designs.

Have you ever tried stenciling on fabric?

Dress Up Your Kitchen

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