Hey everyone it’s DO from Do Dodson Designs check out this Barstool Beautification with Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint. When I found these in my in-law’s attic, I had no idea what I would do with them. This was such an easy DIY, and they will be used to hold my plants in winter during the cold months.

DIY Wooden Bar Stool Makeover | Plant Stands


Step 1: Sanding

Before starting any wood furniture makeovers, inspect the pieces for structural damage and make necessary repairs.

After cleaning the wood, I used my electric sander to strip off and remove the old finish to the bare wood on the legs and the bar stool seats. I only sanded as high as the first footrest and a little above that because I planned to stain the wood I had sanded and paint the rest.

wooden bar stool makeover

Step 2: Stain

After cleaning and removing all the wood dust, I noticed the wood was very light and would need some color. I decided to go with a color wash instead of a wood stain. Here’s how I did it. With a water-dampened low-lint cheesecloth, add a small amount of the water-based Voodoo Gel Stain to the cloth, rub it into and with the direction of the wood grain, and allow it to dry.

How To Color Wash Wood

Step 3: Prep for paint!

Allow the water-based stain to dry thoroughly on the wood. Next, with tape, tape off the lower part of the legs that you want to stay wood. This next step is crucial if you paint over raw wood. Use a good stain and tannin blocker before painting over wood, we recommend Dixie Belle’s BOSS before painting.

How To Stain Wood Furniture

Step 4: Time to paint!

Time to paint! This is my favorite part, and I bet it’s yours too. Do you need a quick, easy, and durable paint finish without all the hassles of having to seal the paint? Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint is what I recommend and has quickly become my favorite for one-color finishes. I painted the ends of the stool in Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint Cactus with a Dixie Belle Synthetic 1-inch Brush.

Wooden Bar Stool Makeover With Silk ALL-IN-ONE-MINERAL PAINT

Step 5: Easy Peasy!

I used Dixie Belle’s Easy-Peasy Spray Wax to seal the wood on this project. This wax is the easiest wax you’ll ever work with. Spray it on and buff it with a soft cotton cloth to get a silky-smooth finish. Multiple coats can be applied after each application has dried.

How To Apply Furniture Wax

To say these are treasures is putting it mildly. Once belonging to someone dear, now they have been reincarnated, have a new home and a new life as beautiful plant stands.

Plant Stand Ideas

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you have enjoyed this DIY project because I sure did. To learn more about this Barstool Beautification with Silk head over to Do Dodson Designs for more information.

Barstool Beautification with Silk

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