Hi friends! It’s Cindy from Reinvented Delaware! Today, I am sharing with you an easy tutorial for an adorable thrift store home décor piece! Let’s dive in!

Thrift Store Decor: Easy Cake Stand

Do you love to thrift? I do! It’s always such a surprise at what I come across. Sometimes, I find things I wasn’t even looking for.

Like this wooden cake plate. I was actually looking for a tray of some sort. I’ve been on a kick lately making risers using thrifted wooden trays. Anyway, I didn’t find a tray but I did see a solid wood plate. I knew I could do the same type of upcycled project with the plate as I did with the trays!

Materials List:

How To:

Step 1:

To start the project, I scraped off the price sticker with my chisel and then I cleaned the cake plate to remove the sticky residue. Next, I used the flexible sanding pad and went over the top and bottom of the wooden plate.

Step 2:

Choosing which Silkscreen Stencil design I wanted to use was the hard part. The design I chose was small enough to move around the circular shape of the plate easily. This is the first time I have used a silkscreen stencil. I knew it would be easier to work with if my design was separate from the whole sheet. So, I separated the stencil from the backing and cut it with plenty of allowance around the design.

Step 3:

The next step is to apply the silkscreen stencil to the surface. There is a good amount of repositionable adhesive on the backside of the stencil. The package says each stencil can be used 10 times.

Thrift Store Decor: Easy Cake Stand

Step 4:

The stencil comes with a plastic, flat-edged smoothing tool. I used it to make sure the stencil was firmly in place. Then, I dipped my artist’s brush into just a bit of paint and then dab off most of the paint on a shop towel. Next, I painted and dabbed a light coat of paint over the stencil. There is a thin layer of silkscreen in the decorative part of each stencil and it helps the paint not to get too gloppy.

Thrift Store Decor: Easy Cake Stand

To read the rest of this lovely tutorial, hop on over to Reinvented Delaware here!

Thrift Store Decor: Easy Cake Stand


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