Hi everyone! It’s Connie from FAFF Designs! I love creating this industrial apothecary style and have done a few pieces using different colour schemes. This one is ‘classic apothecary’ colours. Read on to find out how I do it!

Apothecary Table Makeover

Materials List

How To:

Step 1:

I started with cleaning the piece using White Lightning then a scuff sand. I used Sea Spray mixed with Drop Cloth and stippled the mixture on using a premium chip brush for the base coat.

Step 2:

Once this was dry, I layered Honky Tonk Red and The Gulf over the top allowing each layer to dry thoroughly between. I also used a beeswax block to create a resist in some areas. I used a dry brush to apply the layers and varied the thickness of the paint so that when this is distressed later on, it has various tones and depth of colours.

Step 3:

The final colour is Caviar. I applied two coats of this for complete coverage.

Apothecary Table Makeover

To read the rest of this lovely tutorial, head on over to FAFF Designs here!

Apothecary Table Makeover


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Connie is the owner of FAFF Designs. She developed a love of upcycling and painting furniture a few years ago whilst on maternity leave with her son. Since then, her business has grown. In January of 2021, she became a Brand Ambassador for Dixie Belle Paint Company.

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