In the dynamic landscape of modern entrepreneurship, the concept of the side hustle has emerged in full force. For Dixie Belle Paint (DBP) retailers, the journey from survival to self-built success epitomizes the essence of the side hustle. These visionary retailers act as trailblazers, showcasing how passion and the power of a side hustle can take you to new heights. Dixie Belle Paint is proud to support the dreams of entrepreneurs and provide a community to share inspiration. Today we’re going to take a look into some retailers and learn how they grew their side hustle into a booming business.


We take pride in nurturing an ecosystem where retailers can grow their side hustles into thriving businesses. From modest beginnings to remarkable heights, each DBP retailer’s story exemplifies the remarkable potential that lies within the realm of side hustles.


Passion Ignited

At the heart of each of our journies lies an unwavering passion for creativity. What often starts as a simple hobby or a personal interest blossoms into a full-fledged entrepreneurial venture driven by sheer passion and enthusiasm. Whether it’s a love for restoring vintage furniture or an innate knack for DIY projects, these retailers harness their passion as the driving force behind their side hustle endeavors. Take Marti, for example, the proud owner of The Vintage Dog (Booth inside Zutto Vintage and Antique Bainbridge Island, WA 98110; Booth inside Lofall Vintage Poulsbo, WA 98370; Booth inside Lander Street Vintage). Passion is what ignited her dream to become a Dixie Belle Paint retailer.

“Marti’s entrepreneurial journey began with a passion for vintage and a keen eye for transforming forgotten relics into cherished gems. Together with her husband Rob, Marti ventured into the world of vintage retail in 2013, seizing the opportunity to showcase their eclectic style in a new marketplace. As their business evolved, so did their goals, leading them to discover the transformative power of chalk paint.” (Read the full article here).


Creative Exploration

Creativity serves as the lifeblood of every DBP retailer’s business. Armed with an extensive palette of vibrant hues and embedded with innovative painting techniques, these retailers breathe new life into ordinary objects, transforming them into stunning works of art. Through workshops, tutorials, and personalized services, they not only showcase their creative prowess but also inspire others to embark on their own creative journeys. Many of our retailers host workshops throughout the year to share their knowledge with other aspiring artists. For some of our retailers, workshops have been a tremendous factor in their growth and success. If you’re ever in Chamblee, Georgia you’ll have to stop by A Brush of Dixie to attend one of DeAnna Mixon Gillespe’s workshops.

“Being the brain-stormer in the bunch, DeeAnna got a-noodling. Without the space for having separate classes or demos, she had to get creative. DeeAnna measured, planned, and designed a convertible bar. She had the bar built but instead of serving drinks, she serves teaching moments for demos and classes! The three-foot deep bar has sides that open to accommodate more students, a rollout area for supplies, and room to tuck in bar stools. And when not in use, it’s another selling and display area.”

“Pro Tip: take advantage of the classes that DPB offers, no matter what. You can always learn. Always say YES. Don’t be afraid to be honest about your life and problems, too – it shows you’re a real person and you’ll be surprised at how many others are willing to help you as well. Be willing to do the work and grab a hold and do your part.”

(Read the full article here).

Community Building within Dixie Belle Paint

Central to the success of Dixie Belle retailers is their unwavering commitment to building vibrant and inclusive communities around their businesses. Through local workshops, online forums, and active engagement on social media platforms, they cultivate spaces where customers feel valued, inspired, and connected. Dixie Belle takes their retailers in as a family member and treats them as such from the start. By fostering genuine relationships and nurturing a sense of belonging, these retailers not only enhance customer loyalty but also foster a supportive network that fuels their side hustle aspirations. The power of social media goes a long way. Just ask Kristin Rosenbeck, the creative mind behind Lost & Found Merchantile located inside Yellow Bear Market in Southwick, MA.

“There is a huge, supportive community online, and I have developed genuine friendships with people I have never met in real life (yet).” – Kristin Rosenbeck

“Utilizing social media is one way Kristin connects with other creatives as well as customers. She remains active on many platforms to demonstrate paint techniques as well as check in with friends. “There is a huge, supportive community online, and I have developed genuine friendships with people I have never met in real life (yet).” Within her local community, social media also continues to be a natural way for Kristin to reach new people. She finds that different platforms have different audiences, and with ever-changing apps and algorithms, what works one day may not be effective in a week. “It’s like throwing spaghetti on a wall to see what sticks. Good thing I like spaghetti!” She also is a member of paid membership groups that focus on business, social media, and creativity. Kristin finds these groups invaluable in her personal and career development.

(Read more from the Lost & Found Merchantile here.)


Opportunistic Growth

For DBP retailers, seizing opportunities is not just a strategy but a way of life. They possess a keen eye for identifying trends, exploring new markets, and leveraging digital platforms. Whether it’s collaborating with influencers, participating in events, or diversifying products, our retailers embrace innovation as they navigate the landscape of side hustles. Debbie Tona at Tona Transformations in Nampa, Idaho, knows a thing or two about the need to be innovative to grow. Here are some key pieces of advice she has for anyone aspiring to become a retailer. (Read more about Tona Transformations here).

Tips from Tona

  1. Network with your community. You never know who you are talking with, so always have your business cards ready. Customers can offer insight and services to assist in growing your business. For example, a customer realtor assisted Debbie in securing her current 5,000-square-foot building before it went on the market. This solved a problem for her and saved her money.
  2. Focus your energy on resulting in growth and sales, where it counts. Some battles may not be worth it and ultimately distract you from your goals.
  3. Adapt to changing trends. Not only is it important to be up on trends, but it’s also important to be aware of people’s spending habits. When customers were spending less money, Debbie pivoted and focused on her online classes and YouTube. She created additional revenue doing what she loves. Which is painting artistic finishes on vintage furniture and teaching people how they can do the same.

It was truly inspiring to connect with Dixie Belle Paint retailers and hear their incredible stories. Their success over the years speaks volumes about the transformative potential of the side hustle movement. With unwavering passion, limitless creativity, and a commitment to building community, these retailers have redefined entrepreneurship. Not to mention, they have also inspired countless others to pursue their own side hustle dreams. As we applaud their achievements, remember with dedication and a touch of creativity, the opportunities within side hustles are boundless.


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