Summer is the perfect time to engage in creative activities with your kids. What better way to spend quality time together than by unleashing your artistic talents and transforming everyday objects into vibrant masterpieces? One versatile and user-friendly medium that’s ideal for summer DIY projects is Chalk Mineral Paint, including the popular options from Dixie Belle Paint. In this blog post, we’ll explore some exciting DIY projects that you can enjoy with your kids, using Chalk Mineral Paint to add color, flair, and a touch of magic to your creations. 

Revive Old Furniture:  

Give a new lease of life to old and worn-out furniture by applying a fresh coat of Chalk Mineral Paint. Involve your kids in the process, from choosing the paint colors to prepping the furniture and painting it. Whether it’s a weathered wooden chair, a tired bedside table, or a worn-out picture frame, Chalk Mineral Paint can instantly transform it into a stunning statement piece. 

CMP Painted end tables with cactus transfer

Customized Planters: 

Encourage your kids to embrace their green thumbs by transforming ordinary planters into vibrant works of art. Clean with White Lightning and prime the planters with Slick Stick let it dry, and then let your kids apply Chalk Mineral Paint in their chosen colors. They can create patterns, write inspiring quotes, or even paint images of their favorite plants. These personalized planters will add a touch of whimsy to your garden or patio. 

CMP planters

Colorful Garden Stones:  

Add a pop of color to your outdoor spaces with Chalk Mineral Paint-adorned garden stones. Take plain stones, wash them thoroughly with White Lightning, and let them dry. Encourage your kids to paint them with various colors and patterns using Chalk Mineral Paint. Once dry, you can arrange them along garden pathways or use them to create decorative borders. These hand-painted stones will infuse your garden with a touch of creativity and playfulness. 

Garden signs painted with a stencil and chalk mineral paint

Inspirational Wall Art:  

Create beautiful and uplifting wall art with your children using Chalk Mineral Paint Start with a blank canvas or repurpose an old picture frame with the glass removed. Help your kids paint a base layer with their favorite Chalk Mineral Paint color, and then let their creativity shine as they add designs, patterns, or inspirational quotes using different colors. Hang these unique masterpieces in your home to brighten up any room. 

CMP and dixie shine picture frame

Decorative Mason Jars:  

Mason jars can be transformed into delightful decorative pieces that serve various purposes. Clean the jars thoroughly with White Lightning. Prime the glass with Slick Stick let dry, and let your kids paint them using Chalk Mineral Paint. They can create fun patterns, designs, or even paint animals or flowers. Once dry, these painted jars can be used as colorful pen holders, vases for freshly picked flowers, or as decorative lanterns for cozy summer evenings. 

Glass bottle painted with Chalk mineral paint

Engaging in Summer Fun DIY Projects With Chalk Mineral Paint projects with your kids not only fosters creativity and imagination but also creates lasting memories. Using Chalk Mineral Paint, such as the options offered by Dixie Belle Paint, adds a unique touch to your summer creations. From reviving old furniture to decorating garden stones and creating customized wall art, there are endless possibilities to explore. So grab your paintbrushes, gather your little artists, and embark on a summer filled with colorful and imaginative DIY projects. Let your creativity soar, and enjoy the beautiful results that you’ll create together. 

Summer Fun DIY Projects With Chalk Mineral Paint

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