Hey, triple-D friends! It’s Do from Do Dodson Designs! Are you tired of generic store-bought wall art? Me too! Want to add a touch of your personal style to your living space? This unique art form involves decoupaging beautiful rice paper onto a surface to create a style and design you will love. Read about The Illusion of Painting and how to make a decoupage paper look like a painting.

Vintage Gallery Wall Ideas


How To Decoupage Rice Paper On Wood

Step 1: Prep

Before you start decoupaging with rice paper, it’s important to ensure your surface is properly prepared. First, make sure it’s clean and dry, as any dirt or moisture can cause the paper to bubble and rip. If you’re looking to create a vintage or rustic decoupage piece, wood is an excellent surface to work with. However, decoupaging on wood requires a slightly different approach than other surfaces. The first step is to sand the wood to create a smooth surface for the rice paper to adhere to. Then wipe away any wood dust with a damp cloth.

How To Prep Wood For Decoupage

Step 2: Applying Decoupage

Apply the Clear Coat onto the wood with a paintbrush. Use a good amount. No worries, it dries clear if you have a little that seeps out from under the paper. Next, carefully place your rice paper on top of the glue. Use a soft brush or your hand (I prefer my hands) to gently smooth out any bubbles or creases. If you need to trim your paper, you can do this by using a sanding block and gently rubbing over the wet edges.

The Illusion of Painting

Step 3:  Texture

Once you have your decoupage paper secured on your surface, allow it to dry overnight. Next, apply a heavy coat of Clear Coat over the decoupage rice paper with a paintbrush using a cross hatch pattern to create texture over the decoupage rice paper. Applying a layer of Clear Coat on top of your rice paper will not only protect it but will also give it a polished look. With an Artist Brush, apply a small amount of Clear Coat to the tip of the brush like you were actually painting a landscape or portrait. Look at the print to determine the strokes the artist used and add the Clear Coat over the rice paper. This isn’t hard to do. It’s actually fun! Doing this will add unique details to your decoupage rice paper artwork piece that will truly make it stand out.

How To Make A Print Look Like A Painting

After it dries, you’ll have an amazing piece of art you can add proudly to your wall. This one is going on a vintage gallery wall in my office. With a little creativity, you can turn your decoupage rice paper into a stunning masterpiece that looks like a painting. No one has to know that you didn’t paint it. I won’t tell a soul!

Vintage Gallery Ideas

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The Illusion of Painting

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