Painting a Picture-Perfect Welcome Sign

Hey readers, it’s Tammy from Rustic Orchard Home. This week, I’m working with a fun “Welcome to the Lake”  sign kit from Twin Knobs Woodworks that offers some additional options you’re going to love.  Let me show you what I used to create mine. Come read about Painting a Picture-Perfect Welcome Sign!

welcome-to-the-lake-sign-pinterest.jpg (600×900)

Material List:

welcome-to-the-lake-sign-32.jpg (900×534)

Step 1: Staining!

To begin I stained the long base board with No Pain Gel Stain in the color Golden Ash. When using a gel stain, I like to use a clean cloth to rub the stain into the surface of the board.  Be sure to wipe back any extra stain as you go. Let the stained board dry overnight.

welcome-to-the-lake-sign-30.jpg (900×1388)

Step 2: Painting the sign!

Once the board has dried overnight, paint the entire board with the color The Gulf. Paint the first layer and let it dry.

welcome-to-the-lake-sign-35.jpg (1080×639)

While that dries, paint the string light details. Use the color Anchor and a makeup sponge to paint the outer layer of the lights. Also paint the letters with the same color and makeup sponge technique.

welcome-to-the-lake-sign-38.jpg (900×1144)

Then use the color Whitecap to paint the inside layer of the lights.

welcome-to-the-lake-sign-41.jpg (900×1200)

Let all those pieces dry.  This is what they will look like when finished.

welcome-to-the-lake-sign-40.jpg (900×767)

Step 2: Add Some wax!

Once the blue base coat on the long base board is dry, add wax on top of the paint in a random pattern to create a chippy paint look. After, you have the wax applied, use the color Mermaid Tail to paint another layer that is not full coverage as well.

welcome-to-the-lake-sign-42.jpg (900×631)

Step 3: The fun part!

Using painter’s tape, create a chippy paint look by applying and then removing the tape.  Continue with a clean piece of tape to remove as much of the finish as you’d like.  You can also use sand paper for a little less chippy and more distressed look.

welcome-to-the-lake-sign-46.jpg (900×1409)

Now that your board has been distressed, use adhesive to assemble the sign.

Here is the final look! Perfect for the Summers on the lake!

welcome-to-the-lake-sign-50.jpg (900×675)

For more information on this Painting a Picture-Perfect Welcome Sign head over to Rustic Orchard Home!

Painting a Picture-Perfect Welcome Sign

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