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The world is full of vintage and antique furniture and I hear a lot of negativity about painting them. The best thing, in my opinion, re-do that vintage dresser makeover with paint and have fun.

Materials List:

Reasons To Paint Furniture

Reasons to Paint Furniture:

  1. It’s UGLY! There I said it. It doesn’t fit my style. Paint is an affordable way to change the whole look of an ugly piece of furniture. Pick a color and get after it! My choice of paint is Dixie Belle for ease of use.
  2. It’s beyond repair and cannot be restored to its former glory. So many of these vintage dressers have sat in old barns for way too long. I do a lot of these dresser makeovers. I love a good stencil makeover too!

Reasons To Paint Furniture

  1. We are helping the environment by repurposing. Are we not the trashiest people around??? So much waste. This is just one way I like to repurpose.
  2. The results of a well-done vintage dresser makeover can add value and style to your home. Not to mention the bragging rights!

Thanks for joining me today and listening to my reasonings for doing these vintage dresser makeovers. Painting furniture isn’t for everyone but it can be a great way to update and preserve those old pieces that are destined for the dump.

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Reasons To Paint Furniture

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