How to Paint with Coffee Bean

Hi everyone, Denise from Salvaged Inspirations here!

Have you had your morning coffee yet?  I’m here to serve you up some Coffee Bean goodness!

Here’s a modern-moody-black-brown that makes a statement while adding a TON of character to your furniture makeovers, decor projects… and even your walls.

Materials List:

How to Paint with Coffee Bean

How To:

This vintage vanity is lovely and I really enjoyed working on it.

My original plan for this makeover was to paint the body and swivel mirror — and have a stained top.

The top was badly scratched so unfortunately (or fortunately… because I really like how it all turned out!) while trying to get rid of some of the deeper scratches, I sanded through the veneer in a few spots.

Plan B. Paint. To stop any bleedthrough and seal the exposed wood veneer, I primed with two coats and then painted.

I am loving all this detail and this gorgeous Coffee Bean brown-black! I also painted the original hardware.

For many years I removed the mirror and disassembled the swivel stand to get a professional finish. I found a MUCH easier way. I leave the mirror in the frame while I paint. If a little paint gets on it the glass/mirror while I’m painting — no worries. Once the paint dries, I use a glass scraper to remove any paint on the mirror. It works amazing and saves me a ton of time.

How to Paint with Coffee Bean

I used Re-Design With Prima’s Cheetah Transfer to add some pattern to the drawers. It adds a touch of whimsy design while keeping it sleek and elegant.

For the top coat, I sprayed two coat of this Clear Coat for a perfect satin finish.

Head over to Salvaged Inspirations here for more details on this painted piece!

How to Paint with Coffee Bean

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  1. Donna Flud says:

    This is so pretty . I was having a hard time deciding on a color for a bedroom set I’m getting ready to refinish. Coffee Bean will be perfect . GREAT JOB !

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Thank you so much Donna!

  2. Michael Grimshaw says:

    Saw a hutch done in Coffee Bean and that’s all it took. Have a couple piece I want to experiment with. Wish me luck.

    1. Dixie Belle Paint Company says:

      Hi Michael! We’re so glad! Coffee Bean is an awesome color! Happy painting!! ?

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