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Have you had your morning coffee yet?  I’m here to serve you up some Coffee Bean goodness!

Here’s a modern-moody-black-brown that makes a statement while adding a TON of character to your furniture makeovers, decor projects… and even your walls.

Materials List:

How to Paint with Coffee Bean

How To:

This vintage vanity is lovely and I really enjoyed working on it.

My original plan for this makeover was to paint the body and swivel mirror — and have a stained top.

The top was badly scratched so unfortunately (or fortunately… because I really like how it all turned out!) while trying to get rid of some of the deeper scratches, I sanded through the veneer in a few spots.

Plan B. Paint. To stop any bleedthrough and seal the exposed wood veneer, I primed with two coats and then painted.

I am loving all this detail and this gorgeous Coffee Bean brown-black! I also painted the original hardware.

For many years I removed the mirror and disassembled the swivel stand to get a professional finish. I found a MUCH easier way. I leave the mirror in the frame while I paint. If a little paint gets on it the glass/mirror while I’m painting — no worries. Once the paint dries, I use a glass scraper to remove any paint on the mirror. It works amazing and saves me a ton of time.

How to Paint with Coffee Bean

I used Re-Design With Prima’s Cheetah Transfer to add some pattern to the drawers. It adds a touch of whimsy design while keeping it sleek and elegant.

For the top coat, I sprayed two coat of this Clear Coat for a perfect satin finish.

Head over to Salvaged Inspirations here for more details on this painted piece!

How to Paint with Coffee Bean

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