Hey everyone it’s Marieza from Home with Marieza! Come check out how I revamped this chest of drawers into something Pretty In Pink!

Pink chest of drawers after a makeover

Material List:

All three Dixie Belle Products stacked together.

Step 1: Sanding!

The First step was to remove all the old flaky white paint with a paint stripper. I usually start with a paint stripper because it saves a bit of sanding time and also gets rid of any wax or oil residue. The paint stripper removed all of the white and some of the blue, revealing the first layer of off-white paint. I then took my sander and began sanding the rest of the paint off.  I managed to remove most of the paint and could start with an (almost) clean slate!

Sanding away layers of paint on a chest of drawers

Step 2: Pretty In Pink!

Picking a paint color was my daughter’s job since she would be living with it. She made an excellent choice of two shades of pink. Conch for the drawers and the top and Desert Rose  for the “body.” Both colors are from the Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint line, which has a built-in primer and top coat, so no additional priming was needed. I finished the first coat on all pieces with a paintbrush, followed by a light sanding, leaving it silky smooth.

Applying first coat with a paint brush

I returned to old habits and used a foam roller for the second coat. It’s a personal preference, but I love the smooth finish I can only get with a roller. I decided that an extra layer of protection couldn’t hurt and gave everything two coats of Dixie Belle Clear Coat sealer as well.

Applying a second coat of paint with a foam roller

Step 3: Finishing touches!

I asked my daughter to shop online for hardware that would work well with the pink and the rest of her room. What she found was perfect! The most darling, white ceramic roses you have ever seen! The drawer fronts are two layers of wood, and the screws for the hardware would only fit through one layer. One option would be to buy longer screws, but I decided instead to sink the screws into the back layer of wood.

Measuring out how deep to drill for the handles

And so the little wonky chest of drawers lives to see to another day – all made over and Pretty in Pink!

DIY Chest of drawers makeover, Painted two shades of pink

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Pretty In Pink