Easter Charm Home Décor!

Hey, readers, it’s Do from Do Dodson Designs!  It’s almost Easter, and I’m still creating. Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to add some Easter Charm Home Décor?

Wood Block Bunny Easter Crafts

Material List

Step 1: Cut your wood!

It’s time to cut your wood blocks. The wood I’m using is 1 X 3.5 inches. This step is crucial to ensure that your bunny blocks come out looking polished and professional. With a sharp saw, carefully cut the block. Cut each wood block into a square. A square works best for me, but you can make these any size you want. Once you have all of your wood blocks cut, smooth out any rough edges with sandpaper.

Scrap Wood Bunny Blocks

Step 2: Time to paint some bunnies!

If you’re using wood scraps and you want your wood blocks white, it’s always a best practice to use Dixie Belle BOSS before painting them white. I recommend Dixie Belle Cotton if you’re looking for a pure white.

To create the template, first, draw the bunny shape on a 3×3 post-it note. Once you have drawn out the bunny shape you want, cut it out and trace around it onto your wood block. With your block ready, you can move on to the fun part – painting your wood block bunny.

Wood Block Bunny Template
Before you start painting, consider your color palette. This will depend on your personal style and the décor of your home. I chose the traditional black and white for my design and used Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint Midnight Sky!
Use an Artist Brush with a chiseled edge to get around the tight areas and to get a clean edge on your sweet little bunny. Dixie Belle Artist Brushes are a good choice when painting your crafts with Chalk Mineral Paint!
black and white wood block bunny
It’s time to add your personal touch. The possibilities are endless. You could add a tail or even personalize it with your loved one’s name. Get creative and have fun with it.
Wood Block Bunny staged on a plate
To read more about this Easter Charm Home Décor, head over to Do Dodson Designs!
Easter Charm Home Décor!
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