Hey readers it’s Tammy from Rustic Orchard Home. Check out these ’90s candlesticks that got a makeover Covered In Gold! The candlesticks I’m using for today’s post are from back in the ’90s. I found them while shopping in my attic storage space and thought they would be a great candidate for a little updating.  You probably have a set hiding in your attic too.  Go grab them and let me show you how to transform them into upcycled candlesticks you’ll be proud to display in your home.

Two candle sticks covered in Dixie Belle's gold Gilding Wax.


Step 1: Cleaning!

Before going on the upcycling, I gave both candlesticks a good cleaning with White Lightening from Dixie Belle.  It gets rid of all the grime creating the perfect surface for crafting.

Dirty candle sticks getting cleaned with Dixie Belle's White Lightning.

Step 2: Covered In Gold

After they were nicely cleaned and dried,  it was time to get out some Gold Gilding Wax. I simply used my finger to rub the Gilding Wax onto the surface of the candlesticks.

The base of candle sticks getting covered in GIlding Wax with a finger.

For the base, I wanted to leave some of the black showing!

The bottom base of the candle stick getting covered with Gilding Wax.

I worked in a circular motion, blending as I went. Here, I used a small brush to get in the crease and then smoothed the rest with the brush as well.

The top of the candle stick gets covered in Gilding Wax using a circular motion.Paint brush brushing the GIlding Wax in harder-to-reach areas.

And here’s what I ended up creating! This set looks good in a moody and bright bathroom setting.

Two candle sticks redone with Gold Gilding Wax by Dixie Belle.

For more information on these Covered In Gold upcycled candlestick holders head over to Rustic Orchard Home.

Covered In Gold

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