Wild Wine Bar

Hey! It’s Tracey from Tracey’s Fancy, today I will be showing you this upcycled Wild Wine Bar! I found this wine bar on Facebook Marketplace and just had to have it!

Wild Wine Bar

Materials used

Step 1: Prep!

First, I  primed the piece with a single coat of Dixie Belle’s Boss in gray to assist with adhesion and probable bleed-through from wood tannins.

Matt Adding BOSS in Gray to furniture.

Step 2: Paint!

Once dry, I chose a combination of the yummy pink Peony and blended it into Caviar. With Caviar, I painted each hoof and, using the blending technique, I created a graduated pink to black upward onto each leg. It is EXACTLY the look I had in mind. Because I loved the look of the legs so much, I chose to add Caviar on all corners and edges of the cabinet.

using brush to blend Peony and Caviar chalk mineral paint for gradient effect for Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

Step 3 Zebra Print Time!

The next step was planning out the Zebra pattern. I used chalk to draw it out first. After drawing the top and front surface and taking the pattern down the front legs, I decided this would be plenty! Using a small brush and adhesive we recommend Stick With Me, I painted every zebra stripe in preparation for the leafing process.

Tracey using chalk to draw zebra design for Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

Step 4: GOLD!

With the adhesive nice and tacky, I began applying the gold we recommend Dixie Shine. I just laid down sheets in sections and brushed off the excess before moving on to the next section. With all gold applied, I then brushed on the gold using a small brush.  I was careful to ONLY apply it to the zebra stripes. Once dry and protected with the special sealer, I then applied a Clear Coat in Satin to the entire cabinet.

Completed zebra stripes for pattern on Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

Step 5: Doorbell and Handle!

Next up, the doorbell, ok…not a doorbell, but the “ring for champagne” button! Lastly, I really felt this piece needed a handle! It is meant to be opened, yet there was nothing to use to lift the lid. Matt drilled holes and installed the handle and I maybe did a little dance at the completion of this gorgeous cabinet!!!!

Button applied to Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

Whether it will be used to store wine or the wine storage holes are lifted out and the cabinet is used for something else, it was created to be a feature piece and conversation starter for any room and gathering!!!  I am hoping you are inspired to create from your heart; no matter how weird or wild it seems!

Frontal view of Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

For more information on this Wild Wine Bar, head over to Tracey’s Fancy to read more about it!

Wild Wine Bar

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