Hey everyone, it’s Lee Ann from Creative Moments! Come with me and Revive a Curbside Find with this curbside cabinet transformation. When I saw this sweet pine cabinet posted curbside with no takers I saw the big potential and picked it up. The bead board backing and rustic look said paint me in a distressed white and let me shine.

The cabinet was staged and redone with Dixie Belle Paint Fluff and Saltwater.

Material List:

Step 1: Painting the outside!

To begin, I flipped it upside down to do the feet and underside first. I painted it in Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint Fluff and brushed it on with an Angled Mini Dixie Belle Synthetic Brush, perfect for cutting edges and covering surfaces. I flipped it over and finished all sides including the open center area.

Cabinet fully painted with Chalk Mineral Paint Fluff.

Step 2: Painting the inside!

Once the paint was dried, I removed the inside cabinet backing boards and painted them in Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint Salt Water using the Dixie Belle Scarlet Brush, which leaves a smooth finish and covers quickly. The Silk painting has a built-in primer and top coat making it a one-step paint perfect for the inside.
Back of the cabinet door being Painted with Scarlet Brush and Silk All In One Salt Water.

Step 3: Sand the edges!

Back to the cabinet outside, the painted surfaces were sanded smooth and the edges were distressed with a Dixie Belle Sanding Sponge. To seal this Chalk Mineral Paint, I used Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax Clear. I brushed it on with a dedicated Dixie Belle Best Dang Brush.
The cabinet is being sanded with Sanding Sponge. The cabinet is being sealed with Best Dang Wax clear and the Best Dang Brush.

Step 4: Transfer time!

Finally, I wanted to add a bit of fun to this piece, so I picked the Dixie Belle Transfer Flower Child with its rustic floral charm. The chosen pieces were cut out, placed where I wanted them, and burnished on.
Flower Child Transfer being laid out and burnished on.
I also added a bit of age and dimension to the cabinet, with Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax in Grunge Gray brushed on the edges and in the corners and crevices.
Best Dang Wax Grunge Gray being placed in the crevices of the Cabinet.

This cabinet is perfect in an entryway, living room, hallway, etc. With loads of storage and fun graphic details, it is so versatile.

The finished cabinet is being displayed and shown off.
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Revive a Curbside Find