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How to Paint Over Mother of Pearl Furniture

How to Paint Over Mother of Pearl Furniture

Painting over Mother of Pearl Furniture can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

See how Do of Do Dodson Designs was able to create a beautiful furniture look by painting over her Mother of Pearl Cedar Chest.  

 For this project, Do used Dixie Belle White LightningSlick Stick, Clear BOSSHurricane GrayDriftwoodSand Bar, Iron Patina Paint and Green Patina Spray.

 “Here’s the scary part painting over the mother of pearl furniture inlay. I said it was scary because I can only imagine the time, dedication and skill of the artisan that created this piece. But I knew that the mother of pearl was no longer beautiful. So my attempt to make this chest beautiful again was not taken vain. 

For the full tutorial click here.

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