How to Paint Your Walls

Did you know you can update walls with Dixie Belle Paint? Learn how to create custom rooms with Tracey’s Fancy!

Bold Boho Cactus

Up first, check out this boho cactus wall mural for my newest fancy grand! We are so excited for our new little granddaughter!

This wall mural is layer upon layer of unexpected color setting the perfect vibe for this planned boho inspired baby room!

I drew each cactus onto the wall using a sharpie marker. I did not use a projector or a pattern or a pencil….lol!

How to Paint Your Walls

I began by filling in each cactus leaf with the darker colors first…and layering to the lightest of colors last. I used Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint … as you know they are my go-to for all DIY painting projects. They are NOT just for furniture painting!

I used Farmhouse Green, Tree Frog Green, Pure Ocean, In the Navy, Cobalt, Amethyst, Plum Crazy, Fluff, Peony, and Soft Pink. To read more about this wall, click here!

Pretty in Pink

I’m in love with the twist on this pink plank wood wall feature! I used Flamingo, Soft Pink, Manatee Gray, and Driftwood.

I design the wall….cut the boards into strips….paint each board…..sand them smooth…..number them for easy installation….and ship them!

How to Paint Your Walls

This can be an entire wall….or just a portion! The installation only requires a nail gun or even just a hammer and small nails. The wood is thin and very easy to work with.

I hope this project gives you tons of ideas for rooms or spaces in your home that you could dress up with a wood plank feature wall! To read more about this, click here!

Gorgeous Green Cactus

This little neutral cactus wall mural sure was fun to paint!

This cactus wall one took less than four hours to create and only required three colors of paint! Absolutely anyone could create this mural in their own home!

How to Paint Your Walls

I kept it light and fun….using only a few colors….and even working in some finger painting in the process. I used Farmhouse Green, Evergreen, and Collard Greens.

I love that my Dixie Belle Paint mixes and blends and shades so beautifully if you are really wanting a true artistic look!

To read more about this project, click here! You can also watch my tutorial video here!

Rain Washed Wall Mural

This wall gives such a serene vibe to the room! Its almost as if you can smell fresh rain!

To create this look, you really need nothing more than a good chalk mineral paint like Dixie Belle Paint.

These paints are made with natural minerals that give you that washed look quite easily with lots of water! I used Drop Cloth, Burlap, and Manatee Gray.

How to Paint Your Walls

It does help to have two people….even with the best of plastic sheeting below. There is a ton of water run off….and having someone below to hand you supplies while maintaining the floods below makes the project so much easier!

We are completely aware that the bedding is lacking in the pillow department….but just flat ran out of time….and I wasn’t going to be back any time soon to take pictures again. So we just went with the rumpled bed pillows and single pillow that proudly sums up our decorating mantra….WE CRAZY!!!

How to Paint Your Walls

I also painted these matching nightstands in an ombre pattern with Drop Cloth and Manatee Gray with Turquoise Teal and Warm Gold Gilding Waxes.

The mirrors above them have Drop Cloth and Warm Gold Gilding Wax. To learn how to recreate those looks, click here!

How to Paint Your Walls

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