I found an interesting cabinet and felt it needed a special color.

So, I decided to mix Dixie Belle Paint colors together to create two new colors!

Did you know you can make your own custom combinations?

How to Mix Custom Paint Colors

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Dixie Belle Paint Colors:
Step One:

I cleaned the piece with White Lightning first.

Step Two:

This piece had such fun detail and fabulous wood that it all needed to be seen.

So I started with equal parts of Palmetto and Fluff (which became a gorgeous pale green) and I applied that as the base coat.

How to Mix Custom Paint Colors

Step Three:

All my pieces I paint usually get the minimum of 3 colors, so the next color I wanted was something bolder, a color to do some highlighting with, so I chose Peacock with equal parts of Cobalt, a perfect darker Teal.

I added this color to all the nooks and crannies and did some color blending and even some drips.

Step Four:

I also added some Holy Guacamole in certain areas with some Best Dang Wax in Brown.

The top of this piece was in rough shape so I did quite a bit of sanding and then used some Voodoo Gel stain in Tobacco Road with a splash of Sand bar to give it a lighter wood effect.

Voodoo Gel stain is water-based so I used it on all of the exposed wood trim. I finished everything off with Best Dang Wax in Clear.

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How to Mix Custom Paint Colors

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