Over the past few months, I’ve been redoing my She Shed. One thing on my wish list was a potting bench- I wanted something with storage (for the ugly gardening supplies) and also a spot where I could pull up a stool and work.

Well, my husband made my dreams come true by building one for me!

I decided that I wanted to try for a crackle finish. Want to hear how I did it?

How to Crackle a She Shed Bench

Dixie Belle Paint Products:
How to Crackle a She Shed Bench
Step One:

Start by painting on your first coat. I mixed a custom color with Lemonade and Tea Rose chalk paint.

With Crackle paint, the first color you paint on is the color that will show through the cracks. I painted a light coat of paint, making sure to spritz my brush with water to help the paint glide across the wood.

To watch my YouTube tutorial, click here!

Step Two:

Next, after the first coat of paint is dry, it’s time to paint on the Crackle finish.

This is really thick, but don’t thin it out. The thicker the coat of crackle, the bigger the cracks will be.

How to Crackle a She Shed Bench

Step Three:

And now, paint on the top coat of paint. This will be what’ll primarily show.

As the paint dries, the crackle appears. To get more details on this piece, click here!

How to Crackle a She Shed Bench

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