In an era overshadowed by global environmental concerns, being mindful of sustainability is something we can all contribute towards if we take time. Not just on Earth Day.  With sustainability in mind, we also want to acknowledge and support many people who are seeking alternative sources of income outside the traditional corporate world, embracing the rise of side hustles. DIY cultures have flourished, empowering individuals to explore entrepreneurship and engage in creative projects. At Dixie Belle Paint, we proudly stand in support of this movement. We strive to offer sustainable solutions for furniture refurbishment while nurturing creativity and entrepreneurship within the DIY community. 

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 The Visionary Behind Dixie Belle: Suzanne Fulford 

The driving force behind Dixie Belle Paint Company is Suzanne Fulford. Suzanne’s love for DIY projects and small businesses, coupled with her dedication to sustainability, propels her work at Dixie Belle Paint every day. Suzanne discovered the therapeutic benefits of painting early on, recognizing its power as a form of creative expression. This realization fueled her passion for DIY, inspiring her to envision a company that not only provided top-quality products but also fostered the creative spirit within individuals, helping them embark on their own DIY ventures. 

“… It took me away to a place in my mind that took all of troubles and thoughts away – where I was just painting.” – Suzanne Fulford. 


Promoting Sustainability through Refurbishment

Promoting sustainability is something Dixie Belle Paint Company acknowledges and respects. Throughout her years as an artist, Suzanne recognized the environmental toll and the growing problem of furniture waste. By offering eco-friendly paint, and saving unwanted furniture from landfills, you really can help our earth with Dixie Belle. By simply repainting a piece of furniture, you can reduce waste and extend its usefulness. Suzanne firmly believes in the importance of prolonging furniture lifespan, minimizing resource demand, and advocating for a refurbishment mindset.  


Empowering DIY Entrepreneurs

Above all, Suzanne envisioned Dixie Belle as a community that empowers DIYers to pursue entrepreneurial paths. Understanding the desire for fulfillment outside traditional employment, Suzanne saw DIY cultures as a platform for individuals to turn their creative passions into successful businesses. Dixie Belle provides accessible products, free retailer training, guidance, and not to mention, inspiration. Suzanne’s goal is to offer a route to personal and professional fulfillment through entrepreneurship within the DIY community. 


Dixie Belle Paint empowers individuals to experience personal growth, creativity, and fulfillment through their projects. By fostering a supportive community of DIYers and entrepreneurs, Dixie Belle paves the way for a future where sustainability, creativity, and entrepreneurship coexist. At Dixie Belle, we strive to inspire others to embrace responsible environmental stewardship and nurture their creativity. Most importantly, contribute to a DIY future that is both economically and environmentally sustainable. Together, we can make a positive impact in our community while creating beautiful projects with enduring value. 

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