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It’s been 10 amazing years of Dixie Belle Paint Company, so here are 10 of our most amazing colors (selected by the people).

Behold, is the most beloved and best-selling paint colors from Dixie Belle Paint Company. With a palette that speaks volumes and inspires endless possibilities, these top 10 paints have captured the hearts of artists and DIY enthusiasts alike. Let’s delve into the unique characteristics of each, unveiling the magic behind these transformative hues. 



Bold, sophisticated, and timeless. Caviar is a rich black chalk mineral paint that adds a touch of luxurious drama to any project. Its deep, velvety finish makes it a popular choice for furniture makeovers, accent pieces, or creating striking contrasts within your decor. 

Dixie Belle Paint Caviar black Chalk Mineral Paint


Soft, airy, and undeniably elegant. Fluff is a delicate white chalk mineral paint that embodies simplicity and purity. This versatile shade complements various styles, from farmhouse chic to classic sophistication, making it a staple for those seeking a clean and timeless look. 

Dixie Belle Paint Fluff white chalk mineral paint


A true staple in any DIY enthusiast’s toolkit. Dixie Belle Paint’s Cotton is a crisp and bright white chalk mineral paint. Its fresh and clean appearance makes it ideal for achieving that coveted shabby chic or coastal-inspired aesthetic. Cotton brings a sense of clarity and openness to your projects. 

Dixie Belle Paint Cotton white chalk mineral paint

Drop Cloth

Warm and inviting, Drop Cloth is a neutral beige chalk mineral paint that exudes understated charm. Its earthy tones make it a favorite for creating rustic, farmhouse-inspired pieces. With its comforting hue, Drop Cloth adds a touch of warmth to any project. 

Dixie Belle Paint Drop Cloth cream chalk mineral paint


As sweet as its name implies, Buttercream is a soft and warm yellow with creamy undertones. This delightful color brings a sunny disposition to furniture, home decor, and craft projects. Embrace the warmth and happiness that Buttercream radiates. 

Dixie Belle Paint Buttercream tan chalk mineral paint


Dixie Belle’s, Anchor is a deep navy blue silk all-in-one mineral paint that conveys strength and stability. This bold and nautical-inspired hue is perfect for creating statement pieces or adding a touch of coastal charm to your space. Anchor brings a sense of depth and sophistication to your projects. 

Dixie Belle Paint Anchor silk mineral paint

Salt Water

Inspired by the calming shades of the sea, Salt Water is a serene off-white silk all-in-one mineral paint. This coastal-inspired color captures the essence of tranquil waters, making it an excellent choice for furniture, home accents, and decor pieces that evoke a sense of relaxation. 

Dixie Belle Paint White Silk Mineral Paint


Elegance meets subtlety in Whitecap, a soft gray with cool undertones. This sophisticated hue adds a touch of modern charm to your projects, making it a versatile choice for both contemporary and classic design aesthetics. 

Dixie Belle Paint Whitecap silk mineral paint

Hurricane Gray

A stormy and moody gray, Hurricane Gray chalk mineral paint lends an air of mystery and intrigue to your creations. This deep and rich color is perfect for achieving a sense of drama and sophistication in your furniture makeovers or decor projects. 

Dixie Belle Paint Hurricane Gray chalk mineral paint

Vintage Duck Egg

Exuding a nostalgic charm, Vintage Duck Egg is a muted blue-green chalk mineral paint reminiscent of an aged patina. This unique and vintage-inspired chalk mineral paint adds character and a touch of history to your projects, making it a favorite among those who appreciate the beauty of time-worn finishes. 

Dixie Belle Paint Vintage Duck Egg chalk mineral paint

Dixie Belle Paint Company’s top 10 best-selling paints showcase a diverse spectrum of colors, each with its own personality and charm. Whether you’re drawn to the bold allure of Caviar or the soft elegance of Fluff, these transformative hues empower you to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art. Explore, create, and let your imagination run wild with Dixie Belle’s bestselling paints! 


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