Hey everyone! It’s Tracey from Tracey’s Fancy! I’ve got another Facebook Marketplace furniture glow up for you! I never know if this style of piece should be referred to as a dresser or a vanity.  I feel like a true vanity should have a place to pull up a chair….. and this style doesn’t.  But, it does offer a good view in the mirror with the cut out middle.  I have always thought this style makes a great entry piece….. a place to toss your keys or purse…. and a mirror for that last lipstick check before you leave the house!

Whatever it is and wherever you use it…… it should look this fabulous!!!  This glow up is big and bold!  It demands attention and it energizes the room!  It utilizes one of my favorite color combinations….. pink and red…… AND pairs beautifully with my Whimsical Wonderland Transfer! Let’s get started!

Whimsical Pop Art Vanity

Materials List:

White Lightning

BOSS in Gray


Whimsical Wonderland Transfer

Prickly Pear 

Fiery Sky

WoodUbend Floral Applique

Satin Clear Coat

How To:

Step 1:

First, I cleaned the piece using White Lightning to remove all dirt, oils and even rust from the hardware.  I followed this with a good water rinse to make sure all White Lightning was removed.

Step 2:

Next, I gave the piece a good scuff sand to break up the glossy finish and add a bit of “tooth” or grip to the surface. Most importantly, I primed the piece with a single coat of Boss in Gray.

Step 3:

After that, I painted the two large drawer fronts in Dixie Belle Fluff.  I wanted a bright background to enhance and intensify the bold colors of the floral transfer.

Step 4:

Next,  I applied two coats of the NEW SILK paint called Prickly Pear to the body of the vanity and my heart exploded!  LOL!  This pink is fire!!!!  I will be using it A LOT!!!

Whimsical Pop Art Vanity

Whimsical Pop Art Vanity

To read the rest of this colorful tutorial, hop on over to Tracey’s Fancy here!

Whimsical Pop Art Vanity

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