Hey everyone! It is Becky from The Vixen’s Den today I am going to show you how to get The Perfect Wedding Touch by upcycling this thrifted picture frame. Thrift stores are one of my favorite places to find an overlooked gem.  

DIY glass chalkboard sign on an easel with balloons


 Step 1: Clean and Prep!

First, I had to prep the fame by removing the hardware in the back. I unscrewed the wire hanger from each side of the frame, using a pair of pliers to grasp and twist the eyelet counterclockwise.  I removed the paper backing by cutting it out with a utility knife. With the points removed, I pressed against the glass from the front of the frame and popped the picture and glass loose from the frame.

Close up of the back of thrift store picture frame with paper residue

The next step was cleaning the frame with White Lightning, an effective TSP-based cleaner that prepares the surface for painting.  I then rinsed the frame and dried the surface with a towel.

Step 2: Time to get painting

Once the surface of the frame was dry, I started the project by applying two coats of Boss. I then painted with the Silk All-In-One Mineral Chalk Paint in Bay Breeze. This paint applies smoothly if the surface is first lightly misted with water, using the Continuous Mister Bottle for this process. After 24 hours, I painted on two coats of Bay Breeze using a small round synthetic brush. A third touchup coat ensured that there was even coverage over the frame.

boss, silk mineral paint in bay breeze, mist spray bottle, and painted picture frame

Step 3: Putting the pieces back together!

After a day of drying time, it was time to place the glass back in the frame.  I installed new points using a point driver and rigid points. I chose rigid points because I felt they would hold the glass in place more firmly than flexible points. We created a sign template in Canva. After measuring the frame, the sign was scaled to fit and then printed as an engineering print through Staples. The engineering print was taped to the back of the glass and the words were traced onto the front of the glass using a white chalkboard marker.

And just like that, the sign was ready for its debut!

For more information on how to get The Perfect Wedding Touch head over to The Vixen’s Den. 

The Perfect Wedding Touch