DIY Dresser to Sofa Table

Hey everyone it’s Niky from The House on Silverado. I am going to show you how to do a quick and easy DIY Dresser to Sofa Table, using the Basic Silk All-In-One Bundle.

This bundle is perfect for beginners wanting to start a new project. It includes all the basics you will need like Pristine Clean, a 16oz paint, and a Mini 2-inch Synthetic Brush.

DIY Dresser to Sofa Table

Material List:

Step 1: Sand and Clean

First, I needed to sand and prep my piece.  I planned to stain the top, the easiest way to deal with the scratches was to get out my orbital sander. We just scuff-sanded the sides and drawer fronts to remove the sheen and make sure the paint would adhere properly. Next, I used a damp rag and Dixie Belle’s Pristine Clean to remove all traces of dust and dirt from the entire dresser. 

DIY Dresser to Sofa Table

Step 2: Time to Paint

After the piece was sanded and cleaned, I decided to use the color Oyster from Dixie Belle’s Silk Mineral Paint line.  Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint doesn’t require a base or top coat and is self-leveling, so it’s easy to get a beautiful smooth surface without a lot of brush strokes showing. The first coat went on in a matter of minutes.Easy DIY Makeover for an Old Pottery Barn Dresser

Step 3: The Finishing Touches!

Next, I used Dixie Belle’s No Pain Gel Stain in the color Walnut on the top of the dresser. Get a little bit of gel stain on your applicator pad and apply a base coat to the entire top. Then, flip the applicator pad over and wipe the stain back to allow the wood grain to show through. 

Easy DIY Makeover for an Old Pottery Barn Dresser

I only applied Dixie Belle’s Satin Clear Coat to the top of the dresser for extra protection, using a slightly damp blue sponge.

Lastly, I used a small amount of Best Dang Wax in Gray Grunge blended with White Wax to highlight some of the details of the dresser.   

DIY Dresser to Sofa Table

I took off the old hardware on the bottom 8 drawers and easily attached the new handles. I used my Dixie Belle’s bronze Gilding Wax and a small artist’s brush to make them prettier. 

DIY Dresser to Sofa Table

For more information on this DIY Dresser to Sofa Table, head on over to The House on Silverado!

DIY Dresser to Sofa Table

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