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How to Update an Antique Chest

How to Update an Antique Chest

We’re in love with this stunning painted piece from Bianca.

This three-drawer Jacobean chest was created with Dixie Belle Paint colors and transfers.

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This fantastic antique Jacobean chest of drawers has been artistically updated and enhanced, creating a piece of furniture artistry to be treasured for another century.

Inspired by the beauty of the past, this memorable piece has been layered in blends of textured blues, taupe, and green, adorned with a historic map and classic time-honored stamp motif, and heavily distressed complimenting the age and essence of the piece.

Beyond the enduring beauty and classic vintage charm, this historic enchanter features solid oak wood architecture, three spacious dovetail-constructed drawers, one drawer boasting dividers, intricate carvings, and details dripping from the countertop to the tips of the fantastic traditional Jacobean legs, and finally new complimentary hardware.

The combination of artistic beauty and functionality makes this rare jewel an ideal addition to an open dining space used as a non-traditional sideboard buffet, in a vintage or French country-inspired bedroom suite or boudoir, or in your entryway foyer to welcome your guests.

How to Use Sea Spray:

1 Mix two scoops of Sea Spray with 8 oz of Dixie Belle Paint.

2 Mix well. You want a thick, brownie batter-like consistency.

3 Using a brush, dab and smooth the bristles to form crests and peaks.

4 Once tacky, gently brush down the crests and peaks, creating texture.

5 If desired, add another paint color. Then sand to expose the first color.

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