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How to Stencil Furniture

Hi everyone! It’s Erin Rochon from Rochon Design! Create a custom look while elevating your painted furniture by adding a stencil. The Belles and Whistle line has several stencils that work with any style and are easy to use. I had a tired side table that was the perfect project to try out Dixie Belle’s Mudcloth stencil. Here are the steps and materials so you can step up your refinishing game and try it out on your next project!

Materials List:

How To:

Step 1:

Start by cleaning the entire piece with White Lightning to remove any grease or residue. Then use a sanding pad to give your surface a scuff sand. Next, wipe down your piece with a damp shop rag.

Step 2:

Since my surface was quite glossy, I applied a coat of Slick Stick to the whole table and let it dry. After 2 hours, I applied another coat of Slick Stick and let it dry overnight. If your surface is solid wood and not very glossy move on to step three.

Step 3:

The next day I applied a coat of Drop Cloth using a synthetic brush for a smooth finish. After approximately 45 minutes I applied another coat of Drop Cloth and let it dry for two hours.

Step 4:

Start by positioning the stencil on the furniture, use painter’s tape to hold the stencil in place and to avoid any smudging. If you are unable to add any tape, make sure to hold your stencil in place for the next step.

To read the rest of this boho tutorial, hop on over to Rochon Design here!

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