Do you have a piece of IKEA furniture that you really want to do something with? Check out this extreme IKEA cabinet makeover! New-Old furniture!

When we think of IKEA furniture we often think of particle board or something that is a lost cause if it is damaged.

However this piece is a different story, it is IKEA but made of solid pine. Something we can really work with here. There are pieces that are made of wood from IKEA, and in these cases we can do an extreme IKEA cabinet makeover!!

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Okay so a friend brought me this cabinet, she picked out the color Collard Greens, but she knew I was going to do my thing. Because well…that’s what I do.

So the first thing to do with this was prep. This piece was made of solid pine so no crazy extensive prep was needed.

Because this piece was getting new hardware, I needed to plug the drawer holes. I used my Dixie Belle Mud and applied it to the holes. Later I sanded it down.

I fixed the top of this piece with No Pain Gel Stain in Walnut. Check out this tutorial video of the process!

We are now going to apply the “dress” A.K.A paint. I started with two coats of Collard Greens. You want to open all the drawers and doors so you can get all the sides and tops, I also paint the bottom trim of the drawers.

Once I painted my base coat of Collard Greens, I actually did a little blending and shading with the other colors listed. Check out this is a live video here which shows you exactly how I did it.

After I finished blending and shading I allowed the piece to to dry. I then took my 120 grit sandpaper and distressed the edges as well as sanding across the doors and drawers.

To really complete this Ikea cabinet makeover, I added some waxes. Wax not only adds dimension but adds another layer of protection. Not to mention you get a beautiful buttery finish if you use it properly. My first step was adding Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax in clear.

To get more details on this painted piece from Bella Renovare, click here!

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