I’d like to introduce this colorful bed as the “MOST COLORFUL” bed that I’ve ever created….but it’s not! I actually painted an ornately carved french bed into a LION….LOL! Yep…customer’s request….maybe I’ll share it with you one day!

This Yellow Boho Gypsy bed is layered with so much color and goodness…..that it just makes me happy to be in the same room with it!

How to Create a Boho Bed

YouTube Videos

I created much of this piece in a three part YouTube video. Check them out if you are the type that likes to see the actual process such as paint layering, painting stripes and applying the floral transfers.

First Steps:

The bed was cleaned with White Lightning, prepped with BOSS in Clear and base coated with Colonel Mustard. I then created the stripes with Rebel Yellow OVER the Colonel Mustard.

The bold colors were added in my typical color washing fashion……and I just love this drippy organic movement!

I used several new colors from the exclusive Flea Market Decor line that Dixie Belle is currently offering.

I used the Flea Market Decor Reclaimed Barn Red and Patina Green….as well as the traditional DB Peacock.

I think the colors on the sides of the foot board work together like jewel tones and add a dramatic flair!

I know she’s bold! And I realize the look is not for everyone! But my social media followers are calling her the “happy bed”….so who wouldn’t want to wake up in that bed everyday?!

To get more details about this painted bed, click here!

Dixie Belle Paint Products:
  • Flea Market Decor Patina
  • Flea Market Decor Reclaimed Barn
  • Colonel Mustard
  • Rebel Yellow
  • BOSS in Clear
  • Gator Hide
  • Synthetic Brushes
  • Anastasia, Turquoise, and Hammered Copper Gilding Waxes

How to Create a Boho Bed

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