Pretty in pink! This waterfall style bed got a French peony update with Dixie Belle Paint.

Initially I wasn’t planning to go quite so feminine and pretty with the design on this bed, but in the end I think I made the right choice.

Dixie Belle Paint Products:

How To:

Now comes the fun part!

Step One:

I did my usual prep work and cleaned with White Lightning.

How Paint a French Peony Bed

Step Two:

Then, I painted the pieces in Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth using my new favorite paint brush.

This is Dixie Belle’s Flat Medium synthetic brush. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I’ve tried a lot of different paint brushes in a lot of different price ranges and so far none of them have particularly impressed me.

I like many of them for waxing, but not necessarily for painting. But I really love painting with this brush.

I don’t know if it’s the “highest quality Dupont synthetic blend filaments” or what, but I think this one is worth the money. It just makes the paint flow smooth like butta’.

Step Three:

Anyway, next I taped off some 4″ stripes and painted them with Dixie Belle’s Sand Bar.

How Paint a French Peony Bed

Step Four:

Once the paint was dry, I added portions of two different Prima Marketing transfers, Somewhere in France and Lavender Bush.

Some of those pink and white flowers are peonies, so it seemed apropos to stage the photos with some real peonies from my garden.

It really turned out sweet, don’t you think?

To read more about this painted piece, click here!

How Paint a French Peony Bed

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