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It’s your favorite paint speaking, and today, I want to share a story that’s close to our color-filled heart—the tale of the incredible Mom-and-Pop shops that bring Dixie Belle Paint to your neighborhoods. As we wrap up our #DBPShopLocal campaign this December 1st, it’s the perfect time to shine a spotlight on the local businesses that make us who we are. 

In a world dominated by large corporations and online retailers, it’s easy to overlook the quaint charm of small shops. These small, independent businesses offer personalized service, one-of-a-kind products, and a strong sense of community that is often overlooked by larger establishments. If you’re someone who appreciates supporting local businesses and wants to discover the best mom-and-pop shops in your area, this blog post is for you. We’ll explore a variety of strategies to help you unearth hidden gems and find the best mom-and-pop shops in your hometown. 


Why Local Matters

At Dixie Belle Paint, we believe in the power of community and the unique touch that local businesses bring to your paint-buying experience. There’s something special about stepping into a cozy shop, where each creaky floorboard tells a story. These businesses are the backbone of our brand, providing not just a product but an experience. 

We’re fortunate to be associated with a network of incredible retailers who share our passion for quality, creativity, and community. From charming boutiques to craft stores, these local heroes are your go-to for all things Dixie Belle Paint. Let’s give a virtual round of applause to Lost & Found Mercantile, BeBe’s Painted Porch, and Junk Mama’s General Store—just a few stars in our constellation of partners! If you need to find a Dixie Belle Paint retailer near you, you can search our website. Below are some more ways you can find your next favorite shopping spot.


How to Find The Hidden Gems:

  1. Utilize Local Directories and Guides: Start your search by tapping into local directories and guides. Check out the Dixie Belle Paint website to find a local Dixie Belle Paint retailer. Local newspapers, community magazines, and tourism websites often feature curated lists of recommended mom-and-pop shops. These resources provide valuable insights into the unique offerings and specialties of each business, making it easier for you to narrow down your choices. 
  2. Seek Recommendations from Locals: When it comes to finding the best-hidden gems, locals are the best source of information. Strike up conversations with friends, colleagues, and neighbors who live in your area. Ask them about their favorite local businesses and the reasons behind their recommendations. Also, social media platforms, such as community groups on Facebook or neighborhood-specific forums, can also be great places to seek advice from local residents. 
  3. Explore Neighborhoods Off the Beaten Path: Venture beyond the main shopping districts and explore the lesser-known neighborhoods in your area. Small boutique-style shops often thrive in these hidden pockets of the city. Take a leisurely stroll and keep an eye out for unique storefronts, or quaint establishments that catch your attention. You’ll be surprised by the hidden treasures you discover. 
  4. Attend Local Events and Farmers’ Markets: Local events and farmers’ markets offer a wonderful opportunity to explore a variety of mom-and-pop shops in one place. These gatherings often attract independent vendors and small businesses showcasing their products or services. Attend community festivals, art fairs, craft shows, and farmers’ markets to connect with local entrepreneurs and discover their offerings. Engage in conversations with business owners to learn more about their stories and the inspiration behind their ventures. 
  5. Lastly, embrace Online Resources: While the original local shops are known for their offline presence, many have embraced the digital world to connect with a wider audience. Take advantage of online resources to find and support local businesses. Explore websites dedicated to promoting local establishments, such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, or specialized platforms that focus on small businesses. Additionally, social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter can be valuable tools for discovering and following local shops that resonate with your interests.  



Shopping locally isn’t just a tagline for us; it’s a philosophy that shapes our brand. Local businesses add a personal touch, expert advice, and a genuine connection that you can’t find elsewhere. They’re the artisans who guide you through color choices, the small businesses that know their communities inside and out. 

As we kick off our #DBPShopLocal campaign, we’re inviting you to be part of something bigger. You have until December 1st to head to your local Dixie Belle Paint retailer, make a purchase of $50 or more, and enter our drawing for a chance to win $150 worth of Dixie Belle Paint products. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting local businesses and choosing Dixie Belle Paint for your creative projects. 

Remember, supporting small shops in your area is not only an act of preserving local economies but also a way to embrace the character these businesses bring to our communities. By seeking recommendations, exploring lesser-known neighborhoods, and leveraging online resources, you can uncover the best unknown shops in your area. So, step off the beaten path, engage with your community, and prepare to be amazed by the hidden gems waiting to be discovered right in your own backyard. Together, we can transform spaces and uplift local businesses. Use #DBPShopLocal to share your experiences, discover new local gems, and inspire others to join the movement.  Here’s to painting a brighter future together—one local business at a time. Happy painting! 

With love and color, Dixie Belle Paint 

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