Hey everyone it’s Linda from Q is Quandie here! Dixie Belle is highlighting their Patina Collection! I’ll show you how to Get The Rusty Look in just a few hours!


The Dixie Belle Patina Paint has flakes of metal, which then gets activated by the Patina Spray to create an aged rusty look!

Step 1: Get The Rusty Look!

This faux stone bunny needed a new makeover! He is some sort of resin or other man-made material. I decided he could be improved with some of Dixie Belle’s Patina Paint.

First, I debated going rusty but ultimately decided to go with the Bronze Patina Paint paired with the Patina Green Spray. It is important to mix it well to distribute the metal flakes throughout.

After you apply the Patina Paint, make sure to shake the Patina Spray well and apply it while the paint is still wet.


Step 2: Seal the rust!

Lastly, once you are happy with the rust on your patina’d piece, we recommend sealing it with our Patina Guard to protect the look and stop the rusting process.

Finally, this bunny now looks like he has been sitting outside for years! The Patina Paints lend a very authentic-looking faux finish, in my opinion.

To read more about how to Get The Rusty Look, head over to Q is for Quandie for more information!


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