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Can you believe the first month of 2024 is already almost over? Neither can we. Our favorite part about the New Year is the abundance of DIY projects and creative ideas buzzing around. Today we are going to refresh ourselves into the new year with Rachel Bowyer, our guest blogger from Tea and Forget Me Nots. In this exclusive piece hosted by Dixie Belle Paint Company on their website, Rachel shares her expertise and passion for repainting front doors as a refreshing start to the year. Join us as we explore the art of revitalizing your home’s entrance, turning it into a welcoming canvas that reflects the spirit of new beginnings. Let’s dive into Rachel’s insightful tips and creative inspiration to breathe new life into your front door with the magic of Dixie Belle.

Dixie Belle Paint Front Door Painted with Hampton Olive


(The following is an excerpt of an article from TeaandForgetMeNots)

Materials Needed

Step 1: How to Prep a UPVC Door For Painting

The first thing to do is to remove the existing door hardware. This door knocker with a peephole or spyhole is a classic feature for this kind of door. Perfectly fine but I have a much prettier door knocker planned. If you don’t want to remove the door accessories before cleaning, you can tape them off. The next step is to get rid of all the dirt and dust. With muddy dogs and children, cleaning is a constant process. I used Dixie Belle’s White Lightning Cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe over the plastic door. It’s a good idea to paint not in direct sunlight. As the sun dries the paint more quickly. So it will be harder to get a smooth finish. If you have a choice, then wait to paint your exterior door after the sun has moved.

Dixie Belle Paint Front Door Refresh

Step 2: Tape Anything You Don’t Want To Paint

The next thing I did was use painter’s tape to tape up the small arched window

Step 3: Do You Have to Sand a Plastic Door to Paint It?

Before painting you would normally sand. But that is not going to work well for a UPVC plastic front door. The most important thing for an exterior door is the type of paint you use. So I’m going to use a primer-type product for shiny and laminate surfaces. The product that is going to make this mineral paint adhere well to this plastic door is Slick Stick. You use Slick Stick on surfaces such as glass, metal, or plastic. Perfect for a DIY project like this. It gives it a matte finish for the new paint to stick to. It’s used instead of sanding, as it would be hard to sand something like metal.

**Slick Stick has been replaced with Bonding BOSS**

Step 4: How To Choose Your Front Door Paint Color

There are a few ways to help you decide what color to paint your front door. Firstly, look around the door frame, what color is it? Red brick? Yellow brick? Wood? You want to choose a complementary color. Similarly, if you have hardware that you have to keep, what would pair nicely with that? I had to keep my door handle as there is limited choice for UPVC doors. I have yellow brick and gold hardware. A natural choice for the paint color was Olive Green. Hampton Olive is a really lovely neutral green-brown. It’s quite moody and earthy. It’s from the Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint line. Which has a built-in coat of primer, topcoat, UV protection, water, mildew, and scuff resistance.

Dixie Belle Paint Front Door Prep

Step 5: How To Paint a UPVC Front Door with Dixie Belle Paint

It’s helpful to paint any ridges and decorative areas first. I get the color on quickly with a paintbrush. Then use a roller to smooth out any brush strokes or paint drips in the larger areas. Essentially if your first coat of paint looks good then you’re probably putting far too much paint on the brush. I needed a chair to paint along the top edge of the door frame.  If you need to stretch to reach something, it’s a good idea to get a chair or a ladder so that you are comfortable at the height. If you’re trying to stretch you might get wobbly brush marks.

In total, I needed 5 coats of paint. 2 coats of Slick Stick, and 3 coats of Hampton Olive. Like Hampton Olive? Here’s what it looks like on a bookshelf.

Step 6: Can You Paint The Plastic Strips in the Glass?

0/10 points for my observation skills on this one. Only after the 5 coats of Slick Stick and paint, did I notice three plastic strips in the glass window. They were embedded within the glass. which I couldn’t get to. I had a choice of either painting over the glass or trying something to hide them. My plan for hiding the white strips was to use some scrap wood. After painting the wooden pieces I attached them to the glass with E6000 glue. Then secured them in place with Frog Tape until the glue had set.

Dixie Belle Paint Front Door Refresh Wood Pieces

Step 7: Do You Need To Seal an Exterior Door After Painting?

If this door was fully on the exterior of the house rather than on a porch? A great way to give maximum durability would be to top coat with Dixie Belle Paint’s water-repellant Gator Hide. But even with a built-in top coat, it’s a good idea to seal the paint on an exterior door on a porch to protect it properly. Some people question why I seal Silk Mineral Paint as it does have a built-in top coat. However, a front door is one of the most high-traffic areas of a house. So I want to give it the best chance of survival as possible. I did two coats of a Satin Clear Coat. A satin finish is a good middle ground. It gives a medium sheen and a medium level of durability. The first two to three weeks is when the paint is most vulnerable to scratches. You need to be extra careful during that time.

Sealing Front Door with Dixie Belle Paint Top Coat


Step 8: Can You Add a New Knocker to a UPVC Door?

You can easily change the standard door knocker on a UPVC front door. You may need to drill new holes for the new fittings. Or fill in holes for ones you don’t need anymore. The process I recommend is to use wood filler and drill new holes for door knobs before painting. That means you have the holes in the right place so aren’t trying to match painted wood filler after you’re finished.

DIY Painting Front Door Result

The front of your house is the first thing guests will see. This is a relatively easy DIY project but with a big impact. I’m in love with the end result of this fresh look. The dark and moody colors plus a pop of bright gold.

Dixie Belle Paint Front Door Painted with Hampton Green

(end of blog)

In the spirit of new beginnings, Rachel Bowyer from Tea and Forget Me Nots has guided us through a refreshing journey of repainting our front door. Dixie Belle Paint Company has provided the perfect palette for turning your front door into a statement of individuality and style. As you dip into the world of colors and creativity, may the tips and insights shared by Rachel inspire you to see your front door as more than just an entrance, but a warm, inspiring welcome into your home. With Dixie Belle Paint, the possibilities are endless. Here’s to embracing the beauty of change and infusing your home with a renewed vibrancy. May your freshly painted front door stand as a symbol of the creativity and positive energy you bring into the new year. Happy painting!



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