Ten years ago, as we approached the dawn of 2014; I embarked on a journey that would redefine the niche paint industry. As the Founder and CEO of Dixie Belle Paint, my vision went beyond selling paint. It was about creating a brand that stood out, setting new standards for cost-effectiveness, quality, and innovation. Little did I know that my determination to be different would propel Dixie Belle Paint into an international brand. 


Crafting Excellence: Beyond the Paint Cans 

One of the cornerstones that set Dixie Belle Paint apart from the competition was my commitment to authenticity. While others in the niche paint world were merely marketing products manufactured by someone else, I took a hands-on approach. Dixie Belle Paint, waxes, glazes, stains, and more are not just products; they are a testament to my craftsmanship and my genuine passion for the art of painting. 

Suzanne Fulford CEO of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

Empowering Retailers: A Unique Approach to Success 

My vision extended beyond the paint cans and brushes. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between Dixie Belle and its retailers, I invested not just money but invaluable resources and training for them to be successful. What makes Dixie Belle truly exceptional is not just the quality of our products but the commitment to the partnership and success of our retailers. 

“We don’t just sell paint; we build businesses,” I say with a gleam in my eye. Dixie Belle’s training programs go beyond product knowledge, encompassing essential skills like advertising, harnessing the power of Google, as well as leveraging social media. Remarkably, all this training comes at no cost to our retailers. I firmly believe that the success of Dixie Belle is intertwined with the success of those who sell and use our products. 


A Global Impact: From Garage to International Success 

Fast forward to December 2023, and the little garage start-up has blossomed into an international business. Dixie Belle’s reach extends far beyond my initial dreams. We now touch the lives of artists, DIY enthusiasts, and retailers across the globe. Reflecting on this remarkable journey, I am full of excitement looking forward to the next ten years. 

Dixie Belle Paint's First Racking

(One of Dixie Belle Paint Company’s First Rackings)

Navigating Change: Adapting to the Retail Landscape 

As I look ahead, I acknowledge the ever-changing retail landscape. While I believe in the enduring relevance of brick-and-mortar stores, I understand that the landscape will evolve. I am committed to working hand-in-hand with our Dixie Belle retailers. We strive to guide them through the shifts in the industry and ensure they not only survive but thrive. 

Dixie Belle Paint Company’s Legacy 

As we can see, Dixie Belle’s story is more than just that of a successful business. Our story is a testament to my dedication to authenticity and a commitment to empowering others. As Dixie Belle continues to leave its mark on the painting world, I enjoy remaining at the helm with my team. I feel ready for us to steer the ship through the next wave of innovation and growth. The next ten years hold promise, and Dixie Belle is poised to continue not just selling paint but shaping the future of the niche paint industry. 



For information on how to become a Dixie Belle Paint retailer, please click here. We would love to have you!

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