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Expert Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

As you probably know, painting a room or even a single wall in your home is a project that can have a major impact on any space. But with the entire rainbow to choose from, picking the perfect paint colors can be an overwhelming task. The good news is, we’re here to help. We asked painting and design experts from San Diego to New York to share their best tips and tricks for choosing paint color for your home. Check out what they had to say.

Think of paint color like a mood ring.

Every house will have its own mood, or variation of color, based on its exposure and lighting. Both natural and artificial light change how we see color. A lovely beige in the morning may be a sickly green at night. Place paint samples on all walls in a room and check them at different times of the day. If there are artificial lights in the room, turn them on and see how the color is affected, this way you can better see the final color results. – iPaint and Contract

Figure out what energy you want to evoke while in the room.

Which colors clash and which colors electrify a certain ambiance in a room can be an everlasting paradox. Slim your pestering decision process, by asking yourself if you desire a soothing, subtle feel or a vibrant, unique flair. Visualize yourself walking through your front door. What textures accompany and accent the room? Do you yearn for luscious, lively greens? What about calming creams with a neutral elegance? Ask yourself all the questions and then some. – Dixie Belle Paint

When choosing your colors, get both one shade darker and one shade lighter.

Once you have gotten samples of your choice, coat several pieces of standard white paper and place it on different walls throughout the space being painted. The colors will react differently with sun and shade. This will ensure you are happy no matter the weather. – Go Green Painting

Expert Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

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