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How To:

Step 1:

The first step to any makeover is always to clean the piece properly before starting.

Step 2:

For the base, I used Lani’s Lagoon. I used my mister bottle to thin out the paint before applying the first coat with a Premium Chip Brush.

Step 3:

I waited 2 hours for the first coat to dry, then added my second coat.

Step 4:

To create some optional texture, I added Malachite Terra Clay Paint by dabbing the green onto the piece using the same premium chip brush I used for the Lani’s Lagoon.

Step 5:

I used my mister bottle to spray the wet paint to reactivate so it’s easier to move the paint around. I then dabbed at it with a shop towel until I got my desired look.

Step 6:

Next, I added a transfer to the grooved wood of the wine box using the Embroidered Lotus Transfer.

Step 7;

Lastly, I protected my piece with Terra Seal by applying 2 coats.

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