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DIY Stenciled Jewelry Holder

Hi everyone! It’s Rachel from Tea and Forget-me-nots! Want to add patterns to home décor without buying new pieces? All you need is your current décor and a stencil you like. Patterned décor can be expensive because by its nature, it’s more unique. So, updating things you already own is a great way for a fresh look. And when it’s time for another change, you can try a different stencil. It’s much cheaper and more original than buying new décor as your taste changes.

Dixie Belle has just released three new stencils which are perfect for this job. Let’s test one out!

Materials List:

White Lightning

Fine-Grit Sandpaper

Desert Rose Silk Paint

1-inch Flat Synthetic Brush

Basket Weave Stencil

Painter’s Tape

Endless Shore Silk Paint

Satin Clear Coat

How To:

Step 1:

First, I started by giving the piece a quick clean with White Lightning. This was particularly important for the indentations where dust had settled.

Step 2:

Next, I scuff sanded it with fine-grit sandpaper, just to give the paint some texture to grab on to. Dixie Belle has recently released 10 new colours in their Silk range. I often use Silk so I was excited to try out their new colours. For this project, I chose the colour I was most excited about, which was a pink called Desert Rose.

Step 3:

I didn’t need to prime as Silk has a built-in primer. So, I got straight to the fun bit. I applied the paint using a 1-inch flat synthetic brush. It needed two coats for full coverage. I love the colour. Desert Rose feels like a grown-up pink. But as it’s a jewelry holder and will be displaying pretty things, I wanted to jazz it up a little more.

To read the rest of this creative tutorial, hop on over to Tea and Forget-me-nots here!

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