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Easily Create an Aged Clay Vase

Easily Create an Aged Clay Vase

Hello, everyone! Denise from Salvaged Inspirations here! I am going to show you how to Easily Create an Aged Clay Vase!


How To:

Step 1: Prime

Firstly, I started by priming my glass vase with Slick Stick. Slick Stick is a primer that is used on top of slick surfaces, in this case, glass. It creates a textured surface for the paint to adhere to.

Step 2: Base Coat

Secondly, I painted the base in Caviar Chalk Mineral Paint. Caviar is the truest black in the chalk mineral paint line from Dixie Belle.

Step 3: Texture

Thirdly, I added a coat of Dixie Mud in Brown to add some texture to the vases, use as much Dixie Mud as you need to create the aged clay texture of your liking. (To speed up the drying process for the Dixie Mud, I used a heat gun.)

Step 4:

Next, I poured a small amount of Caviar Chalk Mineral Paint, Wheat Terra Clay Paint, and Desert Tan Terra Clay Paint onto a plate. I then used a mister bottle to spray my Chip Brush before dipping into the colors and painting the vase. Be sure to build up the layers of paint to add texture and dimension to create an aged clay look.

Step 6:

Lastly, I sealed the aged clay vase by adding two coats of Terra Seal.

For more information on how to Easily Create an Aged Vase, run over to Salvaged Inspirations!


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