Hi, artsy friends! Get ready to meet someone who brings a whole lot of creativity and inspiration to the table. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Connie, the creative mind behind Faff Designs, and a treasured member of our Dixie Belle Paint family. From revamping old furniture to exploring the world of mixed media art, her passion for all things creative knows no bounds.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the colorful world of Faff’s Designs. With a unique perspective and boundless energy, they’re sure to bring a fresh new vibe to the Dixie Belle Paint community. Let’s give them a warm welcome! 🎉

What was the moment when you realized that your passion for art and DIY could blossom into a thriving business? How did you take that initial leap toward making it a reality?

“I had painted a little corner cabinet that someone was giving away and listed it for sale and within a couple of days, it sold to a lovely customer who drove around 4 hours to collect it! I was super shocked someone would come so far (I actually thought it was a scam, to begin with!) and it kind of snowballed from there!”


Can you remember your first encounter with Dixie Belle products? What stood out to you?

“We’ve only had Dixie Belle in the UK for a few years. I had been following DB for a while on social media and even messaged on Instagram to ask if they ever thought about coming to the UK. My friend was one of the first stockists to get it and she called me straight away. I immediately drove to her house and helped her unbox the goodies. I spent a lot of money that day.”


Out of all of Dixie Belle’s products, which one takes the top spot? Is there a second runner-up?

“Aside from the paint, which is AMAZING, I love Sea Spray because I love adding texture and movement to a piece. A runner-up would be Big Mamas Butta in the scent Orange Grove. It smells absolutely amazing and I usually use it on pretty much every project I create.”

What sparks your imagination when you’re gearing up for a new project? Do you have any unique routines that help kickstart your creative process before diving in?

“This sounds a bit weird but I usually see a piece in a certain ‘color’ before I paint it. I draw a lot of inspiration from Indian and Mexican colorful furniture but I also love Pinterest for inspiration. Also, I look at the style of a piece and think about what it might be used for, and then work around that. I like to work with a piece instead of fighting it, so if a piece is rustic and worn – that’s the paint finish I aim to achieve.”


How has your personal journey throughout life influenced your artistic journey? What pivotal moments or experiences have shaped your creative path?

“I have always had an interest in art and design. I studied art throughout school and college and have a degree in theatre design so creating things has always been something I enjoy. When I started painting furniture I sort of just did what everyone else did in terms of finishes and colors and kept it very safe. I remember painting something in a very vivid green and it went crazy and sold very quickly. I absolutely loved that piece and realized that color made me tick and there were buyers out there that also felt the same way!”

Well, my friends – it’s been a blast sharing this colorful adventure with you all. Whether you’re a DIY pro or just starting out, remember that Dixie Belle Paint and Faff Designs have got your back. Here’s to more messy paintbrushes, late-night crafting sessions, and beautifully painted furniture. Keep those creative vibes alive!



Dixie Belle 🎨✌️


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