Hey there, crafty families! As the seasons change and the leaves begin to fall, it’s time to gather your little ones and embark on some delightful DIY adventures. And guess what? Dixie Belle Paint is here to add color and creativity to your fall crafts! Join us as we explore eight exciting and easy 8 Fall DIY Crafts to Do with Kids that will leave your kids in awe. Let’s dive in and let the painting magic begin! 

Leaf Collage:  

Greetings, leaf lovers! With Dixie Belle Paint, you can take leaf collages to a whole new level. Add a touch of brilliance by using shades like “English Ivy” or “Barn Red” to paint the leaves before sticking them onto a paper or cardboard canvas. Watch your little ones’ faces light up as they create unique designs and patterns with our vibrant hues. 

paint being applied to a leaf

Pinecone Animals:  

Calling all nature enthusiasts! Dixie Belle Paint is ready to transform ordinary pinecones into charming creatures. Encourage your kids to paint their pinecones with colors like “Cotton,” “Sand Bar,” or “Marigold.” Then, let their imagination soar as they add googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and other craft materials to bring their pinecone animals to life. 

Animals made out of pine cones

Pumpkin Decorating:  

Ah, the glorious pumpkins of fall! With Dixie Belle Paint, you can turn these seasonal gems into works of art. Allow your little ones to choose their favorite fall shades, such as “Mud Puddle,” “Barn Red,” or “Colonel Mustard,” and let their creativity flow as they paint their mini pumpkins. Get ready for a pumpkin patch filled with unique and vibrant masterpieces! 

Painted pumpkins

Apple Prints:  

Get ready to make a colorful mess with Dixie Belle Paint! Swap traditional paints for our Chalk Mineral Paints and prepare apple prints like never before. Dip the cut side of an apple into colors like “Barn Red” or “Collard Greens” and let your kids create beautiful prints on paper or fabric. The possibilities are endless, and the results are bound to be delightful. 

apple painting

Fall Wreaths: 

 Oh, the beauty of fall wreaths! Dixie Belle Paint is here to elevate your wreath game. Paint pinecones with “Coffee Bean” or add a touch of shimmering magic with our Moonshine Metallics paint line, featuring shades like “Deep Woods” or “Gold Digger.” With a few brushstrokes, your fall wreaths will be transformed into stunning masterpieces capturing the season’s essence. 

Fall wreath on door

Scarecrow Crafts: 

 Let’s get crafty with scarecrows, shall we? Dixie Belle Paint is your partner in crime. Use our Chalk Mineral Paints to add vibrant colors to their clothing or accessories. Colors like “Buttercream” or “Caviar” are perfect for painting scarecrow faces, bringing these adorable characters to life. Your little ones will love creating their own unique scarecrow buddies! 

DIY scarecrow door hanging

Fall Lanterns: 

 It’s time to create a cozy fall ambiance with Dixie Belle Paint! Grab those mason jars or glass containers and get ready for some magic. Apply our Moonshine Metallics paints, such as “Wedding Belle” or “Gold Digger,” to the outside of the jars for a warm and shimmering effect. Place a tea light or battery-operated candle inside, and voilà! Your fall lanterns will radiate a captivating glow. 

Fall painted mason jar

Fall-Themed Rocks:

Collect smooth rocks or stones and let kids paint them with fall colors and patterns using Dixie Belle Paint like Sawmill Gravy” or “Cotton. They can use these painted rocks to create a fall-themed rock garden or give them as gifts.

Fall painted rocks

 With Dixie Belle Paint by your side, 8 Fall DIY Crafts to Do with Kids become even more magical and vibrant. We’ve got your creative journey covered from leaf collages to pinecone animals, pumpkin decorating to apple prints, and everything in between. So, gather your little ones, unleash your imagination, and let the colors of fall and Dixie Belle Paint weave their enchanting spell. Get ready for countless smiles, cherished memories, and beautiful fall creations that will leave a lasting impression. Happy crafting, with love from Dixie Belle Paint! 

8 Fall DIY Crafts to Do with Kids

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