Just over a week ago, I started work on this bathroom. We have two restrooms in our house and this one is my husbands.

It hadn’t been updated at all and the dark paneling and tile felt so opposing! I figured- wouldn’t a budget update be fun?!

A budget update always includes paint!

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Since this bathroom is my husbands, I tried my best to not be as girly with my design.

I added a few black accents to bring in a masculine touch.

I had a chrome faucet in here. Since I was on a tight budget and didn’t want to take the time to salvage a faucet, I decided to paint it.


Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

First, I cleaned the faucet with White Lightning to make sure there was no dirt or grease.

Then, I used Slick Stick since its a slippery surface. The Slick Stick will help the paint easily adhere.

Paint on one coat. Let it dry two hours and then apply a second coat. This will prevent chipping! Don’t skip this step!

Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

Finally, I painted two coats with Caviar, a beautiful matte black! I’m so happy with the finished look!

I added Gator Hide for the perfect water-repellent finish.

Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

I also updated this wicker table. It’s cute, but the wicker was chipping. It was looking pretty beat up and worn.


Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

Here’s some tips on how to chalk mineral paint wicker. First off, clean it nicely (always).

Second, use a paint sprayer to get into all the little crevices. I went with my favorite white color, Fluff.


Again, let’s take a second to awe at the power of paint!

Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

Once it was refreshed, it became the perfect home for some storage in the basket and for towels.

To see more of the full bathroom, click here!

Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

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