Hey readers! It’s Niky from The House On Silverado. Come check out how this Restoring Vintage Beauty on this vintage wooden highchair makeover!

Materials Used:

Step 1: Prep and Clean

Before any updates could begin, the first step was to clean 100+ years of grime from this old treasure. The cane was covered in years of dirt and dust, but the good news was that it was in reasonably good shape aside from one small hole. A generous amount of Dixie Belle’s cleaner, White Lightening, and a roll of shop towels later, and things were looking better.

cane seat

Step 2: Prime and Paint

After cleaning the chair, it was ready for some paint. Since my high chair plans were for paint, and not stain, there was no need to sand this down to bare wood. I gave the entire high chair a nice even coat of BOSS and then allowed it to dry overnight.

Dixie Belle Boss


The next day, I did one coat of paint in Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint Fluffand allowed it to dry an hour or so, before going over it again with another coat of paint. Pro Tip: Using a continuous fine mist spray bottle helps you move the paint around more easily to get a smooth coat with great coverage.

Dixie Belle Fluff

The color Fluff is such a perfect antique white for this old wooden feeding chair. My vintage-loving heart fell in love with it as soon as the first coat went on.

Adorable DIY Antique Wooden High Chair Makeover

Step 3: Distressing

Once the Chalk Mineral Paint was dry, I used some fine grit sandpaper to add a little bit of distressing around the legs, the sides, the edges of the tray, and the front of the seat– places where normal wear and tear would have occurred over the years.

Adorable DIY Antique Wooden High Chair Makeover

Next, I used Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax in brown to highlight the more decorative elements in the back of the seat and along the spindles. The entire highchair got a coat of Easy Peasy Wax. 

Adorable DIY Antique Wooden High Chair Makeover

For the tray I put on two coats of Gator Hide--Dixie Belle’s strongest protectant– so that it could be wiped down and cleaned easily after mealtime. For Gator Hide application, I like to use either a slightly damp blue sponge or a Foam brush. It goes on so easily and adds durability to your project.

antique high chair

Doesn’t the finished product just look so sweet?

Adorable DIY Antique Wooden High Chair Makeover

If you want to read more about Restoring Vintage Beauty head over to The House on Silverado!

Restoring Vintage Beauty


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