Greetings, DIY enthusiasts! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to one of our beloved brand ambassadors, none other than Melissa Eaton from The Top Drawer RVA. Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of creativity as we unravel Melissa’s artistic journey and their exciting partnership with Dixie Belle Paint.

Prepare to be inspired as we uncover the unique twists and turns that have led The Top Drawer RVA to this vibrant community of creators. So, without further ado, let’s give a warm welcome to Melissa and get to chatting!

Dixie Belle Paint Brand Ambassador Melissa Geskie

First, describe the pivotal moment when you realized that your passion for art could evolve from a mere hobby into a full-fledged business endeavor.

What initial steps did you take to make this transition?

“I have always been a crafty girl, if I could make it rather than purchase it no matter what the skill level was – I would try! In 2015 or so I started seeing painted furniture pop up on the marketplace, combined with the online auctions that had furniture for very cheap I was hooked! I painted my first buffet for my own home in less than 24 hours, I couldn’t stop. I loved the process so much. The gratification of taking something cheap and boring to creative and fit in my home was a game changer.”

“I started painting and selling furniture from my garage. It was a great way to provide some extra money for my family while still letting me stay at home and be a mom of three children. After a few years of flipping furniture, I joined Instagram. Through the love of a staged photo, I found this to be another creative outlet. When my daughter entered school full time and I had the ability to have more time to work I decided that through social media I could take this furniture flipping gig up a few notches. I grew very quickly on Instagram and built a following that led me to Dixie Belle Paint. I had just purchased a few jars of Dixie Belle from a local retailer and when I found the supportive and engaging online community I was hooked!”

What about Dixie Belle’s offerings convinced you that they were the perfect fit for your creative projects?

“Finding the online community that tagged and engaged with each other on Instagram using Dixie Belle paint was something that intrigued me. The possibility of having my work shared and enjoyed by others was intoxicating! I purchased a few colors ( Bunker Hill Blue…. ) and the patina line for a local retailer. I still remember my first few projects with Dixie Belle! The one that stands out is the cabinet I completed using the Patina line. It was the first time that I was able to create art on furniture! Staging it with a guitar and tagging Dixie Belle.”

“I felt the online buzz and it was a popular piece! I had found a way to join a creative and positive community online that allowed me to showcase my art! Dixie Belle reached out to me via Instagram to enquire if I would like to try their product! I was starstruck but knew that there was an opportunity there to be had.  I became a content creator in 2019 and one year later became a proud Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador! Want to see the patina piece? Click here!”

Could you share with us your top pick among Dixie Belle Paint’s products? Feel free to highlight any additional favorites you may have.

“I’m still a sucker for patina paint. The ability to create a look that has such a boho feel to it – magic! I find there are a few items I use constantly as a painter.  Gel Stain, this is a quick way for me to elevate the color of a worn and tired piece. Gold Gilding wax! Adding a touch of shine to any project. Seems I put gold on almost anything! For the new painter, I totally recommend using a toolbox with a few key items. White Lightning to clean, Bonding Boss to prep, and a couple of really great brushes like the flat medium.”

Painted Dresser by The Top Drawer RVA

What ignites your imagination when embarking on a new project? Do you have any unique rituals or habits that help stimulate your creativity before delving into a painting or renovation venture?

“Finding the ugly duckling furniture that no one else will purchase or has been thrown away and discarded is a dream project for me. The more drastic the better! I often sit with a piece for a bit, grab a coffee, and wait to see if it speaks to me. What are the lines like? The hardware? Is the piece masculine or feminine. I tend to gender my furniture. Once the item has given me a vibe I will get started. Put on some music, usually a vintage vibe like Cat Stevens or The Beatles! Open the windows and blinds to let the sunshine in!”

“Often I base a piece around a transfer or decoupage paper, allowing me to choose the color scheme from the Belles & Whistles product I’m using.  Creativity has taken many forms for me, filming and documenting the process allows me to create content for many platforms. Teaching and sharing the story of the furniture as I go along. People love to see a beautiful love story, and taking a worn and discarded piece to fantastic and fabulous via a reel or video takes them along the journey!”

How has your personal narrative influenced your artistic expression and collaboration with Dixie Belle Paint?

“This painting journey has been nothing but love and light for me! It has allowed me to build a positive online community that rallies and cheers creativity and each other. I have built my brand to a level that I wouldn’t have dreamed about a few short years ago. Found kindred spirits who love to chat about all things paint and have grown friendships around the world. Even have been able to be involved with BETA testing with major corporations such as Pinterest and Google have expanded my knowledge of all things social media and now offer coaching to other creators and business owners.”

“I am a social media coach and run a program for anyone looking to build a brand online through my group Coaching For Creatives. My journey started as a mom who wanted to paint and sell furniture for extra money for the family. My journey continues as I grow to new heights, coach a wonderful group of people, and build amazing online relationships. Dixie Belle Paint has opened doors to elevate my amazing business The Top Drawer RVA, and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Social media can allow you to grow your brand online, create a community, and reach millions of people.  I’m just getting started, all it took was a little bit of paint!”

xo Melissa

Dixie Belle Paint Blog Image

As we wrap up this enlightening glimpse into the world of The Top Drawer RVA and Dixie Belle Paint, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for being part of this vibrant journey. Remember, the canvas of creativity is endless, and with Dixie Belle Paint by your side, the possibilities are truly limitless. Let’s continue to explore, experiment, and create together, spreading joy and beauty with every brushstroke.

Until next time, keep shining bright and unleashing your inner artist. Cheers to Melissa and to all of you for making this journey so incredibly special!

Warmest regards,

The Dixie Belle Paint Team and The Top Drawer RVA ❤


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