We’re in love with Farmhouse Green! Learn how to create an amazing piece, just like Do Dodson Designs

For this beautiful cabinet, Do first used White Lightning and a coat of BOSS (blocks odors, stains and stops bleed thru). Then she applied Dixie Belle Mud in White over a stencil and added Dixie Belle Paint in one of our newest colors, Farmhouse Green. To finish the piece Do used Iron Patina Paint.

“I started my project by wiping down the wood with Dixie Belle Paint’s White Lighting. It removes layers of dirt and grime that could prevent your finish from adhering properly. Ain’t nobody got time to repaint!

After my piece was clean, I applied one coat of BOSS (blocks odors, stains and stops bleed through) with a chip brush. Believe me when I say I’ve been burned too many times by taking chances. There’s a little wisdom that comes with this gray hair. “

For the full tutorial, click here

How to Paint with Farmhouse Green

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